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Portuguese, A4 size, 23 p. English, A4 size, 6 p, file: The aim of this study is to examine the potential of SAR data for land use classification. Then, these were dissolved in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture that could be loaded into the biodigestor.

calculos dosimetricos utilizando: Topics by

A cross sectional study was carried out involving 78 singleton, live, euploid fetuses without structural malformations. The channels were designed to leak radiation on materials properly disposed in the area outside the irradiator larger than the expected volume of irradiation chambers 50 liters.

Portuguese, A4 size, 16 p. To improve early diagnosis and follow-up of the population at greatest risk of developing leprosy, the. The central idea behind this work is the developing of a numeric-experimental model, useful to optimize the biomass stratified gasifier design. Reliability test system of 24 nodes of the IEEE, Roy Billinton test system of 6 igeo-serve.rigeo.ufrj.br and eastern area equivalent of the Mexican grid of 31 nodes of the Comision Federal de Electricidad.

Geofix Fundações

The quantities measured were the air kerma-area-product, the screening time and the number of radiographs taken in each exam. Later on, more complex tools are employed to refine the design of some machine components. Plutellidae utilizando Bacillus thuringiensis. Clustering results reveal a clear distinction among different performance indicators, representing four different roles in the team.


Ello se debe a que uno de los principales problemas para los disenadores de controladores de carga de bateria es la correcta supervision de la corriente que circula por el sistema en todo el rango de operacion del mismo pues los sensores no tienen un comportamiento lineal. Estudio numerico y experimental del proceso de soldeo MIG sobre la aleacion T5 utilizando el metodo de Taguchi.

The nitrogen removal efficiency of the system was compared with the maximum theoretical efficiency for the recycle rate used. Results obtained are thus compared with values published in ICRP Radiodine treatment of hyperthyroidism with a simplified dosimetric approach.

The algorithms given were implement using the TMSF language. Atividades educativas foram realizadas em grupo, coordenadas pono enfermeira, utilizando jogo de tabuleiro. English, Letter size, 3p. Arsenic was added to the soils as sodium arsenate heptahydrate Na2HAsO4. English, Letter size, 24 p.

From the point of view of application of proton beam in cancer treatment is just this low energy region the most relevant due to the dose deposition profile in depth for protons. The effect of the pH regulator was very important; If was revealed that when the pH was regulated with caustic ammonia, a synergic effect appeared which favored the elution. Portuguese, A4 size, igeo–server.igeo.ufrj.br p.

Por otra parte, el modelo numerico se comparo con los resultados experimentales obteniendo aproximaciones aceptables tanto en magnitud como en comportamiento. Its were carried out calculations with the irradiation focus coinciding with the center of the mannequin as in near areas to the bone interface.

English, Letter size, 11 p. El analisis se enfoca principalmente en el calculo del par electromagnetico. Calculation of the Inelastic Scattering of Neutrons from Polyethylene and Water; Calcul de la diffusion inelastique des neutrons par le polyethylene et l’eau; Raschet neuprugogo rasseyaniya nejtronov poliehtilenom i vodoj; Calculo de la dispersion inelastica de neutrones por polietileno y agua.


Argentina: Buenos Aires

French, A4 size, 15 p. Determination of viscosity of fayalite slags for kv model and measurements by means of inclined plane; Estimacion de la viscosidad de escorias fayaliticas utilizando el modelo de calculo kv y el metodo igeo-zerver.igeo.ufrj.br del plano inclinado.

Quality control of dosimetric systems using thermoluminescent crystals; Opnto de calidad de un sistema de planeacion dosimetrico utilizando cristales termoluminiscentes y su aplicacion en tratamientos de pacientes con cancer de prostata.

El cojinete de prueba se encuentra ubicado entre los cojinetes magneticos. Dosimetric calculations by Monte Carlo for treatments of radiosurgery with the Leksell Gamma Knife, homogeneous and non homogeneous cases; Calculos dosimetricos por Monte Carlo para tratamientos de radiocirugia con el Leksell Gamma Knife, casos homogeneo y no homogeneo.

En determinadas publicaciones, estos aspectos se tratan de forma independiente. English, Letter size, 14 p. Clasificador neuronal de fallos en rodamientos utilizando entradas basadas en igeo-server.ige.oufrj.br wavelet packet y de Fourier.

Neste concursoz, deve-se calcular adequadamente as medidas de volatilidade para que realmente o risco seja percebido pelo operador.