Extracts from Arab Biographies by Ibn Khallikan ( CE). Ibn Khallikan undertook work on his dictionary whilst acting as a man of the law in Damascus and then in Cairo. From to and also after , he was. Ibn Khallikan’s biographical dictionary / tr. from the Arabic by Bn Mac Guckin de Slane. Main Author: Ibn Khallikān, Related Names: Slane, William.

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You whose lips are my sweet source. He then ordered al-Farazdak to quit the city within three days. Dark khallikzn musk and, like it, fragrant of smell. It is, however, a very fine poem, one of the best composed by the author and the most generally known:. He went to Baghdad in the year CEand a second time inwhen he remained there a year and seven months; after which, he returned to Maarra and, confining himself to his house, and began to compose his works.

Catalog Record: Ibn Khallikan’s biographical dictionary | Hathi Trust Digital Library

At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. From her eyelids the daughter of the Abyssinians. I persist in turning from her, though much against my will. Ibn Asakir relates, in his history of Damascus, that khallkkan person said to Jamil: That man is impurity itself.


He returned to Damascus to a triumphant welcome to become kadi again, a post he relinquished in CE, one year before ibnn death.

Ibn K̲h̲allikān – Brill Reference

Why is my love still far from me? Kuthaiyr, the lover of Azza, related the following anecdote: His great grandfather khaloikan an enfranchised slave and client of al-Jarrah lbn Abd Allah al-Hakami, governor of Khorasan, and for this reason he bore the title of al-Hakami.

He married in CE. Taima would be where my loved one lived. There was a problem with your submission.

Catalog Record: Ibn Khallikan’s biographical dictionary | Hathi Trust Digital Library

When he was grown up and had acquired some knowledge of grammar and literature, he was employed by his patron as a traveling clerk and, in that capacity, he went back and forward from Syria to Kis, Oman and the neighboring countries.

Abu Bakr Ibn Baki. Buthaina, you bind me in state of torment. The water-carrier wishes to pour from. But when she did see him, she found him an ugly swarthy man, whilst she herself possessed great beauty: Its dark locks and crown turning gray.

It is related that khaolikan he was reciting his verses in the camel-market he said to al-Farazdak who stopped to hear him: He to whom it comes had given hope when it came.

Authors born between and CE. And yet its color is clear and pure?

Abu Nuwas Ibn Hani. Is not each living creature mortal. So that you may fix a place where we in meet. In the gaps were seen anemones whose colors were mixed with that of the love-sick wooer, and which resembled the lips of two young women who draw near to each other to give and receive an affectionate kiss. In glory or in honor.


Ibn Khallikan

There you saw the oxeye flourish so brilliantly that the eye of the spectator was exalted at the sight, whilst its blossoms glittered like little cymbals of gold or like coins of that metal. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered.

I placed her at a distance from the heart which loved her. Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Love for her came to me before I knew what love was. He frequented the company of females and liked conversing with them.

He studied jurisprudence at Khalliman and after a brief stay at Damascus, settled in Cairo, where he gained pre-eminence as a jurist, a theologian, and a grammarian. Jamil was one of the famous Arabian lovers: They are as khalllkan hearts of birds, and dissolve away like salt in water.