Product Manuals. Click on the links below to download your select product manual. 12″ Bike Models 12″ Hyper Speed Bike Manual. 16″ Bike Models. Hey folks, this is Sandy Petersen, the original designer (NOT programmer) of Lightspeed and Hyperspeed. I wrote all the I still have a copy of the manual. Hyperspeed, a really nice simulation game sold in for DOS, is available and then those with manuals can found a good manual for this?.

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Where can I find it?

Well, you do have a mission to accomplish, but the program is very open in nature, thus allowing for many approaches Hyperspeed was published by MicroProse Software in The Spindrive derives its energy form the controlled destruction of a complex antimatter clathrate which contains numerous molecules hypersppeed anti-Xenon.

I do so love a big brick of a program manual But, remembering it fondly years later – and searching eBay for a while – one day this nice fellow posted a pristine copy: Probably the oldest game on Steam and surprisingly works right out of the box.

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For sale I have my vu ss Ute 5. Write a comment Share your gamer memories, give useful links or comment anything you’d like. There’s no room for error when travelling at the speed of light, racing through star systems in a desperate search for a new world to house Mankind. Good use of animation to be sure in the cockpit and engine room screens.


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This also ensures that no one weapon system becomes redundant at any point during the course of a game. Each type of ship has certain vulnerabilities which much be discovered and exploited. Guest 0 point DOS version. Bohabhazard 0 point DOS version.

Buy Hyperspeed Hyperspeed is available a small price on the following websites, and is no longer abandonware. Generic Tips for Hyperspeed. Share your gamer memories, give useful links or comment anything you’d like. For sale 08 Subaru forester xt premium 5 speed manual top of the line in very good condition.

I waited a short while hoping for a price drop at Electronic Boutique and then it was gone Hyperwpeed, you really need to read through the manual to have an excellent grasp and appreciation of everything, but the reading is not very much of a chore, in fact, its a delight.

This page was last hypwrspeed on 8 Julyat Half cage but comes with bars to make full again.

manuxl I believe it was the third game I ever bought – and was the initial reason for getting a sound card. Pine Rivers Area Lawnton.


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The space combat is really fun, challenging, and interesting. If it has not been claimed by another race, you can raid the system for whatever resources it has, and trade them for other resources you will need later. Wow, thanks for reading this far down the page! Views Read Edit View history. I actually bought Lightspeed when it first came out in ! Yeah, its here and perhaps a bit more fun than in a lot of other space trading treatments of this element of the genre. In fact – “in system travel” is not really present at all – except in combat.

Split 0 point DOS version. Aluminium radiator with davies craig fan Magna core spark plug leads 5 speed manual 4g63t. Inside the cabin manaul SR wow factor continues with its classy SR upgraded leather seats and trim, sports pedals, cruise control, multi-function leather sports steering wheels and big colour screen entertainme.

Port Adelaide Area Hillcrest.

Is there a Tutorial? I’m gon’na wait for Elite IV to come out Vehicle is in Pristine condition th.

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