On 30th July , in Prague, a number of prominent Catholics were defenestrated and fell to their deaths ; this was the beginning of the Hussite rebellion (the. Hussite Wars, series of conflicts in the 15th cent., caused by the rise of the Hussites [1] in Bohemia and Moravia. Jan Žižka, hero of the Hussite Wars, stormed the building with several supporters and threw the burgomaster and many of the town councilors from the windows.

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Beliefs condemned as heretical by the Catholic Church. This section needs additional citations for verification. Catholic ChurchCrusades and allies: A forerunner of the Reformation in Bohemia Jean Hus The infantry and the cavalry burst out from behind the carts striking violently at the enemy – mostly from the flanks. All mortal sins, and in particular all public and other disorders, which are contrary to God’s law shall in every rank of life be duly and judiciously prohibited and destroyed by those whose office it is.

Eventual defeat for Radical Hussitesvictory for Moderate Hussites.

Musée Virtuel du Protestantisme

An armistice was concluded at Konopilt. Jackson, Samuel Macauley, ed.

These articles, which contain the essence of the Hussite doctrine, were rejected by King Sigismund, mainly through the influence of the papal legateswho considered them prejudicial to the authority of the Pope. They immediately began a siege of the city, which had, however, soon to be abandoned.

They were divided, at first, into two factions, then split again. After the Execution When news came to Bohemia that Hus — who had been guaranteed safe passage by Emperor Sigismund, brother of the King of Bohemia — the nobles who supported him sent a letter of protest to the Council of Constance. Now, fighting broke out everywhere. In the end, it was an inconclusive war.


Wenceslas IV had no children, which left the future of the Bohemian crown in question. In —26 a Hussite army invaded Silesia and Saxony, and in —30 the united Hussite forces penetrated as far as Franconia.

The Hussites, too, were not purely motivated by religion; their movement was closely linked with the Czech people’s desire to assert their national identity and independence. By the time peace was madelong after George’s death, the religious element of the wars had largely disappeared, as it was now a war between the invaders and the Bohemians. Korybut took the crown in and held it until When non-Catholic services were outlawed following the battle, adherents had a choice: The carts were joined wheel to wheel by chains and positioned aslant, with their corners attached to each other, so that horses could be harnessed to them quickly, if necessary.

Hussite Wars |

It also made inroads into the northern parts of the Kingdom of Hungary now Slovakiawarx was rejected and gained infamy for the plundering behavior of the Husste soldiers. As soon as the enemy’s morale was lowered, the second stage, an offensive counterattack, began. Before definitely giving its consent to peace negotiations, the Roman Church determined on making a last effort to reduce the Hussites to subjection; this resulted in the fifth Crusade against the Hussites.

Copyright The Columbia University Press. In order to avoid more losses the knighthood finally attacked. New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards.

The enemy armies suffered heavy losses and the Hussites soon had the reputation of not yussite captives. In the first stage the army placed the carts near the enemy army and by means of artillery fire provoked the enemy into battle. Bohemia promptly exploded in violence; Catholic sars were forced out of their parishes in many areas.

Hus bitterly denounced this and explicitly quoted Wycliffe against it, provoking further complaints of heresy but winning much support in Bohemia.


But not all Utraquists approved of the German Reformation ; a schism arose among them, and many returned to the Roman doctrine, while other elements had organised the ” Unitas Fratrum ” already in Due qars this event and centuries of Habsburg persecution, Hussite traditions are merely represented in the Moravian ChurchUnity of the Brethrenand the refounded Czechoslovak Hussite churches among present-day Christians.

Jan Hus () and the Hussite wars () – Musée protestant

These articles, in essence, demanded that all church officials be held accountable for any abuses of the church, and that Christianity be practiced according to the teachings of Husaite. The waars of each cart consisted of soldiers: The Queen, now heading the country after the death of Wenceslas, hurriedly created her own fighting forces. A model attribution edit summary using German: Inside these protected wagons or on other open four-wheeled carts, was a number of small bombards.

Retrieved from ” https: The Hussites’ hussiite consisted of two stages, the first defensive, the second an offensive counterattack. He undertook to translate the Scriptures into Czech, which helped to stabilize the Czech language.

Hussite Wars

He was a governor sent by the Grand Duke of Lithuania, Vytautas, who accepted the Hussite proposal to be their new king. Then the infantry hidden behind the carts used firearms and crossbows to hussote off the attack, weakening the enemy. The arrest of Hus in caused considerable resentment in Czech lands.

While fighting on the flanks and being shelled from the carts the enemy was not able to put up much resistance.