Mark Virkler: “4 Keys to Hearing God – You Can Hear God’s Voice! Mark is known for helping people to hear the voice of God for themselves. 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice has ratings and 15 reviews. Christy said: Years ago I began writing letters to God and receiving answers from God throu. Mark Virkler’s teaching on the four keys to hearing God’s voice has helped hundreds of thousands of people of every age on every continent.

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One objection that immediately came to my mind was “isn’t this what New Agers do called “automatic writing”? Jennifer Eivaz Narrated by: But the Lord wasn’t done. God will never say something to you personally which is contrary to His universal revelation as expressed in the Scriptures.

Much of what you journal about will not be specifically addressed in the Bible, however, so virkker understanding of Biblical principles is also needed.

Hearing God’s Voice — Catch The Fire Toronto

That sent me on the slippery slope of backsliding and the voice of God became a distant memory. My life began to change as I employed some of his suggestions as to how to sit in His presence.

Be blessed and encouraged to increase your vod and knowing our Lord from a man who’s trained many people to do just that!

Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson denounce the pauper hoow many Christians have and present your royal inheritance through Christ’s ultimate act of redemption. This article by Mark will really help many of our readers to connect with God on a deeper level. I know that what I believe I have received from God must be tested.

We’re looking forward to seeing you. This leads to a deeper intimacy with Jesus as well as greater faith, hope, joy and wholeness. Well, when enough mrak made comments like that, I began to fear I had fallen gof heresy or something so I backed away from the practice. His four keys are stillness, vision, spontaneity and journaling. The problem is that we have not learned how to identify His voice thoughts and differentiate it from all of the other thoughts that bombard our hearts and minds.


The Scripture this whole teaching is based upon is Habakkuk 2: God may be speaking in ways you don’t expect. The book also contains prompts to help you ggod started in your two-way conversations with God.

To subscribe to The Elijah List go to: Rachel and her brother remained as part of our family for another two years, giving us many opportunities to demonstrate and teach about the Father’s love, planting spiritual seeds in thirsty soil.

Mark Virkler: “4 Keys to Hearing God – You Can Hear God’s Voice!”

This seminar will bring you into an entirely new way of living as you learn how to live out of the voice of God within. Then the Lord answered me and said, ‘Record the vision I knew if I could get her validation, especially since she was the one most wronged in the situation, then I could say, at least to myself, “Thus saith the Lord.

Operating in the Courts of Heaven By: In the workshops, Mark will help set the scene so you can go for a walk with Jesus along the Sea of Heaf.

Turn your attention toward the Lord in praise and worship, seeking His face. Thoughts from the spirit world are spontaneous.

4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

I haven’t read any other book which has tackled the topic with such candour. Mark Virkler helps you rediscover the simplicity of hearing from heaven and reminds you that the ultimate source of divine revelation, supernatural peace, and spiritual direction is sitting on your shelf – the Bible.


Smith Wigglesworth Narrated by: Why would God not respond when we pray from the virk,er of our hearts? With a ministering household that included remnants of three struggling families, plus our own toddler and newborn, my wife simply couldn’t handle all the work on her own. Maybe He could give me a way to get her to do what she was supposed to i. I had never thought of opening the eyes of my heart and looking for vision. This was not an isolated command.

Open your eyes to discover the invisible world of the spirit realm!

Printer-Friendly Version Forward to a Friend. Why not try it for yourself, right now? Through revelatory teaching, supernatural stories, and a refreshing, down-to-earth approach, Mark Virkler and his daughter Charity will help you identify the priceless messages with which the Lord has infused your dreams.

Karen Kamenwa rated it it was amazing Dec 15, God has the answers, and he has made his secrets discoverable to every seeking believer in a close relationship with him. The only distraction to the experience was the reader’s voice, which was robotic, making concentrating arduous.

Swap it for free. I had previously listened for an inner audible voice, and God does speak that way at times. Lois Martin rated hhear it was amazing Dec 29, After trial, you’ll get 3 titles each month: Shamrock Goff rated it liked it Nov 27, I loved this book also his other book “Dialogue with God”.

You will begin to hear God’s voice using the 4 keys the author mentions, which are: