CC Proxy Server can act as an HTTP, mail, FTP, SOCKS, news, telnet and HTTPS proxy server. It features powerful account management. CCProxy also allows to ignore restrictions and blockages, set by your provider, due to the possibility of tunneling connections through SOCKS proxy, specified. Configure Proxey Server Step by Step Step 1 – Install CCProxy on the Server The server is the computer that can access the Internet directly in.

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In this tutorial we are using three computers. Bellow are the steps for you to build your own proxy server for free with CCProxy. Notify me of new comments via email.

To start Telnet proxy service and set proxy port. To enable remote dial-up from clients. We will install CCProxy server in this computer. Just google for “IP query” or “query IP” or some other similar keywords and open the website google has listed for you on your proxy server.

To display the server time.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Install CCProxy on a computer which can access Internet.

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CCProxy fully supports Windows operation systems for Internet connection sharing: To start FTP proxy service and set proxy port. So, if you have multiple internet connection then you need to use multiple bow and NIC on server to use the internet traffic through them. For demonstration purpose we will use CCProxy server.


Configure parameters in connection settings dialog: To view the proxy server’s IP address and port, press click here to view 6. Online Information Zone Yellow curve: This site uses cookies.

In this example, the IP – address is If you want to know more about client configurations, please read ” Client Configuration “. If this is checked, CCProxy will be run as Windows service.

Proxy server is used to share controlled internet in the network. For demonstration purpose we will pick top three in coonfigure browsers. Brief introduction on free proxy server Want to surf without any restrictions? Free version is limited with three computers.

Options Dialog Box Mail: For this tutorial we assume that client computers have proper network connectivity with server computer. You can contact me for further query View all posts by Amzad Khan. Keep all the other options of CCProxy as the default settings.

Please do this with ho router’s administrator. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Users frequently mentioned single and dual NIC. If there is a new version, it will open the upgrade dialog box.


The other editboxes leave blank. If you want to know more about account management, please read ” Account Manager “. Windows Windows 98 SE: CCProxy is a lightweight proxy server. They keep updating the proxy server list daily and conffigure different proxy servers by protocol types, locations and whether free or not.

We also have more instructions for you – how to proxy server for various network applications. Check your IP-address at http: You are commenting using your Facebook account. System Information Zone U: Ping statistics for Leave ccprpxy comment Posted by sani on November 11, in Information technology.

Web proxy settings in Firefox, testing proxy 1. If checked, CCProxy interface will start automatically when Windows starts up. To configure the web-cached function, i. To display the number of online connections and accounts.

Notify me of new comments via email. If everything is fine, click Next to install the CCProxy.

CCProxy – Manual ( Tutorial )

You can choose the “CCProxy 8. Below we will introduce all functions of CCProxy.

To start DNS proxy service.

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