June , somewhere west of Nicaragua-a site suitable for spectacular sea battles. The Admiralty has ordered Captain Horatio Hornblower, now in command. Captain Hornblower commands H.M.S. Lydia, a gun frigate on detached service. He is ordered to proceed to the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, deliver. The Happy Return (Beat to Quarters in the US) was the first of the Horatio Hornblower novels published by C. S. Forester. It appeared in The American.

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It has dated very poorly. Somehow we know Lady Barbara is going to be returning in future books As the United States of America prepares to celebrate its th Anniversary, let all those who appreciate the character of Horatio Hornblower prepare to celebrate his Birthday as well.

Hornblower regains his composure, however, and breaks off the embrace and declines to pursue the relationship. Now in command of the HMS Lydia, a thirty-six-gun frigate, Hornblower has instructions to form an alliance against the Spanish colonies with a mad and messianic revolutionary, El Supremo; to find a water route across the Central American isthmus; and quarrers take, sink, burn or destroy” the fifty-gun Spanish ship of the line Natividad — or face court-martial.

But it’s also self-evidently Forester’s internal or, quarterss, external dialogue, and the reader then begins to suspect very strongly that what they are witnessing is not an excellent rendering of contemporary social norms, but rather a boorish modern writer with retrogressive views using his creation as convenient cover.

Author New York, New York: He manages to find a natural harbor on the island of Coibawhere he refits. The story as it stands, though, is not one of my favourites. It is broken into three parts, the first two of which are wonderful episodes that feature daring feats t insane odds and violent combat. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!

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Beat to Quarters Summary & Study Guide

Forester has a knack for balancing accurate description while keeping the pacing fast and tense. This is chronologically the sixth in the series, but it was the first published. A few pages have staining. Book in fresh mylar cover. El Supremo demands Natividad be surrendered to his command, and again Hornblower complies. Mass market paperback binding.

That’s the first point. Small rubs to the book’s corners. T oning to the quafters margins. I’ve recently been trying to fill in gaps in my reading of the story chronologically speaking. Along that vein, let us consider the literary implications of this passage and others.

This book mentions six years have passed since capturing Castillawhile more recent writings suggest that Hornblower went directly from commanding Atropos to captaining Lydia. Old Scrolls Book Shop Published: I still enjoyed this chapter in Hornblower’s career, and I will still pick up the next with avid hornblwoer. These are excellent books. The packet ship she was on in the Caribbean had been captured some time ago. Off the coast of Panamahe encounters quarrters Spanish lugger ; an envoy, taking passage on the lugger, informs him of a new alliance between Spain and England against Napoleon.

He is ordered to proceed to the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, deliver armaments to a local revolutionary and assist the revolutionary in fomenting rebelling in Central America, destroy Natividad, a Spanish gun ship, assist in the establishment of a trans-isthmus trade route, and if possible, establish British trade in the area.

His internal struggle with his own leadership tactics and growing attraction for his society passenger make him a very human protagonist–wrestling with issues of guilt and honor. All in all, this is a great read, but I’m not sure what cross-over appeal it has.

After hiding the captured Spanish officers to save them from being murdered by El Supremo, Hornblower, needing his erstwhile ally’s cooperation, has no choice, but to accede. Overall it is a good read.


Although both ships are devastated Lydia emerges victorious and repeatedly rakes the Spanish ship. I love him for being so very rubbish at emotions. Owner’s initials but looks unread.

Between and Forester would publish 11 volumes, and do it much in the fashion of the Star Wars stories. While Hornblower replenishes his supplies, the gun Spanish ship Natividad is sighted off the coast heading his way.

Beat to Quarters 5 Forester, C. An English convoy is sighted soon afterwards and she transfers to a more spacious ship. I really enjoyed the straightforward old-fashioned storytelling this book offers with plenty of action, but not overly gratuitous violence.

Forester is also credited as story writer for several movies not based on his published fiction, including Commandos Strike at Dawn Also, as a man of humble social standing, he is quargers aware that he cannot afford to risk offending the influential Wellesley clan by dallying with her.

Book Review: BEAT TO QUARTERS/THE HAPPY RETURN: following_sea

Books from the Crypt Published: Contents [ show ]. Certainly, Forester showed a better hand in his later Hornblower tales for wrapping up a story and leaving the reader mostly sated. FP now includes eBooks in its collection. Hornblower becomes more “real” to us in this book, as Forester devotes quite a bit of time to exploring his thoughts and feelings.

Nearing the end of their trip, she makes the first overt advances, and they embrace passionately. And I loved it. His secret mission is to provide arms and assistance to a colonial revolutionary, El Supremo, in his battle against the Spanish colonizers.

The American name is derived from the expression ” beat to quarters “, which was the signal to prepare for combat.