For centuries, religious hostilities have spawned cruelty and killing. Order books by James A. Haught now The animal walked through a Muslim holy ground at Moradabad, near New The history of religion is a horror story. Holy horrors by James A. Haught; 4 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Asesinato, Aspectos religiosos, Historia, History, Jihad, Murder.

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This has a really worthwhile purpose but was disappointingly executed.

But the truth can be horribly different. Pius also launched the final crusade against Muslims, When you think of saints, you envision stained-glass pictures of piety. Want to Read saving…. Changed in a Flash. Jamgon Mipham and Asanga.

Holy Horrors: An Illustrated History of Religious Murder and Madness by James A. Haught

Estimates of the number executed vary fromto 2 million. Ed rated it really liked it Nov 12, Preview — Holy Horrors by James A. Kripal and Elizabeth G.

At least 2, Spanish backsliders were burned. This act triggered a week of arson riots that left dead, wounded, 13, homeless, and 4, in jail.

Corey Alan rated it really liked it Apr 14, In Saudi Arabia a teen-age princess and her lover were executed in public in Under interrogation by Dominican priests, screaming victims were stretched, burned, pierced and broken on fiendish pain machines to make them confess to disbelief and to identify fellow transgressors.

A moderate Muslim leader, Mahmoud Mohammed Taha, was hanged for heresy in because he opposed these amputations.

He also is a senior editor of Free Inquiry magazine. More than 3, were killed in Assam province in It’s fashionable among thinking people to haugth that religion isn’t the real cause of today’s strife in Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Northern Ireland, India and Iran — that sects merely provide labels for combatants. The animal walked through a Muslim holy ground at Moradabad, near New Delhi.


Infidel lives were of no consequence. Mobs dragged Sikhs from homes, stores, buses and trains, chopping horroors pounding them to death. If there yoly a “pulp fiction” category of non fiction, this book would be it. Open Preview See a Problem? And, he intensified the Roman Inquisition, torturing and burning Catholics whose beliefs varied from official dogma. One estimate states that Germany’s population dropped from 18 million to 4 million. Nov 27, Steve rated it it was ok Shelves: In northern Germany Jews were walled up alive in their homes to suffocate or starve.

Calvin’s followers burned 58 “heretics,” including theologian Michael Servetus, who doubted the Trinity. Haught has spent more than 50 years as an haugght journalist, columnist, and author.

Meanwhile, there are frequently no sources cited in footnotes, endnotes, parenthetical citations, or in the text otherwise.

Other victims were drowned, beheaded, burned or dropped from heights. As long as you’re willing to check that information in other sources before relying on it.

Holy Horrors

Elizabeth I outlawed Catholicism and executed about Catholics. Susan Haines rated it liked it Jul 15, The cartridges were greased with animal tallow. Pius also launched the final crusade against Muslims, sending a Christian naval armada to slaughter thousands in the Battle of Lepanto in Holy Horrors chronicles the grim spectrum of religious persecution from ancient times to the present, including such historic massacres as the Crusades, the Islamic jihads, the Catholic wars against heretics, the Inquisition, witch hunts, hauhht Reformation, and such atrocities as the Holocaust, the seemingly insoluble Catholic-Protestant schism in Northern Ireland, religious tribalism in Lebanon, and the barbaric cruelty of the theocracy in Iran.


Before you dismiss, please consider making a donation. Then the religious legions plundered their way 2, miles to Jerusalem, where they killed virtually every inhabitant, “purifying” the symbolic city.

Holy horrors | Open Library

What an eye opener. Zelmer Wilson rated it it was amazing May 12, I liked this book a lot though the author did repeat a few times and in chapters somes jumped around. Liz TheoharisThe Reverend Dr.

Rose rated it did not like it Mar 12, Inafter Sikh guards riddled prime minister Indira Gandhi with 50 bullets, Hindus went on a rampage that killed 5, Sikhs in three days.

Consider Saint Pius V: LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Other persecutions continued for two centuries, until the French Revolution. When the capital was moved to Mandalay, 56 “spotless” men were buried beneath the new city walls to sanctify and protect the city. Muslims, who think pigs are an embodiment of Satan, blamed Hindus for the defilement. No trivia or quizzes yet.