Black long sea cucumber. Holothuria leucospilota. Family Holothuriidae updated Oct Where seen? This large long black sea cucumber is seen on many of. Description, classification, synonyms, distribution map and images of Holothuria leucospilota. Descriptions and articles about the Lollyfish Sea Cucumber, scientifically known as Holothuria leucospilota in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; D.

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The graphs represent the environmental parameters of sampling sites at Port Dicksons for S. Its body is soft, pliable, and covered with soft papillae.

Queensland Museum, South Brisbane, Australia, 60 pp. You can continue searching for Holothuria leucospilota on one of these Web sites:.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Holothuria leucospilota is leucospiolta in shallow water along the east coast of Africa and in much of the Indo-Pacific region. In Singapore, Apostichopus japonicus is consumed as food and is becoming increasingly rare as a result of overexploitation. Distribution in Singapore on this wildsingapore flickr map.

It is impractical if not impossible for leucospilotaa to be able to count every individual organism in a large area, thus, different approaches have been developed to ease the process. E and Doty, J. John’s Island, Jan This could also explain why the number of sea cucumbers counted was far less compared to the first two months Table 2 but also not forgetting the other contributing environmental condition like rain and storm.

leucopsilota References Lane, David J. It found that this species is relatively tolerant of changes holothuriia salinity and temperature and continued to thrive in the laboratory when these parameters were changed. The long animal usually hides most of its body under large boulders or rocks. We recommend for more advanced survey methods which would lrucospilota more advanced survey techniques and the use of scuba diving instead of the passive method which interferes too much with the species and also one that will minimize the effects of environmental factors.


Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Ecologists randomly choose small portions of the whole area which they classify and count the organisms in each small portion to estimate the size of population in larger community is called quadrat sampling.

However, the temperature tolerant values obtained for these species from the current study were compared with FAO Corporate Repository Document, showing a totally different optimal temperature tolerance.

SEM represents standard mean error. The isopropanol was then carefully poured off without dislodging the nucleic acid pellet.

Even though some are found in shallow waters, they are typically ocean dwellers and are found living in the deep ocean. The usual colour is charcoal grey or reddish-black with pale grey tube feet on the underside [3] [4] but off the African coast it is described as being bright or dark brown with white patches which are larger towards the posterior end.

The physical parameters were also determined during each lejcospilota period. In ‘Reisen im Archipel der Philippinen. This sea cucumber is listed as ‘Vulnerable’ on the Red List of threatened animals in Singapore.

November showed the lowest environmental parameter values which also translated in the number of animals recorded for that month Table 2. The method allows one to collect standardized data at locations separated by vast area of land where one can compare the sites and determine how the holothuriaa or diversity of organisms varies at different locations.

WoRMS – World Register of Marine Species – Holothuria (Mertensiothuria) leucospilota (Brandt, )

In this survey the number of species encountered reduced with time Table 2. The salinity mean value leucospiloat both species was Integrative and Comparative Biology.


Temperature values for S. The reverse 16Sbr and forward 16Sar sequences of H. YSI was used to take salinity, temperatureand pH measurements, and the GPS was used to determine the location of the species at the sites. Evisceration by sea cucumbers according to some authors is one of the defensive mechanisms of sea cucumbers responding to stress hooothuria collection and shipping.

Marine Species Identification Portal. To determine the estimated population size of H. Research Article Open Access. Behrens and Gary C. The qualitative and quantitative yield of DNA was determined by biophotometric measurements. If quadrat size is too small more species will likely be left out and there distribution will not be clearly established. The data obtained from the analysis showed that an estimated population size of Table 3 species may have colonized the survey site.

The supernatant was collected and the pellet discarded.

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PCR was done in a thermocycler and the sample preparations were carried out in a lamina flow in an aseptic condition. It gathers edible bits from the surface using its 20 long feeding tentacles that have bushy sticky tips. Under the same conditions, the Japanese sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus shrank in size, eviscerated, and died within three days. Five to ten milligram mg of H.

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