Hole in My Life is an American autobiography of Jack Gantos and was published by Macmillan Publishers in In the book was honored with Michael. Teenage readers will appreciate Jack Gantos’s frankness in his jail memoir, Hole in My Life, says Keith Gray. After penning a number of novels for preteens, including the Joey Pigza books and the Jack series, Gantos makes a smooth transition as he addresses an older .

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He worked his job in prison, learned his lesson, and avoided future temptations. Memoirs are usually boring to me, but Jack Gantos really turned his life gahtos. Printz and Robert F.

His voice is haunting in this respect. I dismissed the rumors as the usual student body bullshit. For his part in the conspiracy, Gantos was sentenced to serve up to six years in prison.

Jack Gantos is just twenty years old when he gets into trouble pife the law. Apr 23, Melissa rated it liked it. I was especially struck by his story because he was a high school senior and then graduate, by the skin of his teeth, struggling to find his way in life.

But Jack Gantos had the guts to do so, and it’s a great story. But mine were mine, and it didn’t take long to find out I had plenty to write about.

He probably didn’t want the level of violence and sex among both prisoners and guards to be documented. Oct 18, Adar rated it really liked it Recommends it for: In Jack Gantos was scraping through his iin year of high school. Gantos looks for role models and guidance in the pages of the books he is reading, and his drive to be a writer and desire to go to college ultimately save him. Mar 05, Jayden added it.

Selected pages Page 1.

Gantos had the mind for hle, but like many did not have the drive and confidence he needed. Gantos narrates his story in a casual, reflective tone amusing himself about the stupidity of his teenage years and how if it wasn’t for him ending ganfos in prison he would never be the writer he is today. When he is let out of prison, Gantos is forced to give up the journal he kept of his time there.


Hole in My Life by Jack Gantos

It wasn’t that he was utterly lost–he knew he wanted to be a writer, and the maddeningly idealistic way in which he hopes, pines, and bounces around hoping to witness something great while working menial jobs to stay afloat reminds the reader of that–it was more that he faced the seemingly immutable influence of poverty on his best version of his own dreams.

Croix he met a drug smuggler and was offered a chance to make 10 dollars by sailing to New York with 2, pounds of hash. Part of him still believes he’s nothing but a messed up loser kid who now can add ex-con to his name. An interesting read that shows how good people can easily get mixed up in the drugs and into prison. He married art dealer Anne A.


But Gantos makes a different choice. A couple of powerful thoughts: It seemed liked Gantos’ prison experience outside of his hospital work was pretty oppressive and not at all helpful in terms of making positive life changes.

The plot of the story was Jack getting thrown in jail where he had to deal with the consequences. I picked it up because I thought it looked interesting and I wondered why it was in a middle school library.

See all 20 questions about Hole in My Life…. This book isn’t as well-known as it should be. Here are some of the things it made me think about: How did jack Gantos realize that he wanted to become a writer? Dear James Frey, Thismy good man, is how you write a harrowing memoir about an endless string of bad decisions involving drugs that results in time spent in the pokey.

Account Options Sign in. He was in prison in the early 70’s, but I kind of doubt our prison system has improved much since then. On Reading Rockets he tells of the development of Rotten Ralph, the cat character based on a cat he once owned. I liked the part in the book where he had gotten into New York and he was on the run from the police because it had a lot of suspense and he described what it was like running from the police with humor.


Return to Book Page. Through out the book I always felt connected to Jack, and made me sad when reading about his family. Enzo Cuglietta Even from the beginning, Gantos has alwas been a writer. After reading it I would say it belongs in a high school library because of the drug references, prison violence, and prison rape.

Paperback – pages – It’s a very enjoyable read. Young Adult Library Services. He opted out of university, moved to his parents’ home on St Croix and quickly became part of the island’s drug culture. What an incredible journey to find his way to writing children’s books. Again, the narration is a bit unreliable, which makes for a great read. I can imagine this would be a great book for a fourteen or fifteen year old boy who finds lots of things dull. Jack got 5, but because of his well behavior in prison he gets out in 15 months of his sentence.

Hole In My Life Reader’s Guide

If you read that sentence you may be turned off but I assure you that this award winning young adult author’s “life of crime” was isolated to one time. Want to Read saving….

Reluctant readers should eat this up. This is not that book. But it can also free a writer to recognize that the words are just words, and that they exist both on paper and, more importantly, inside. His first night in prison, Gantos ny accosted by another prisoner who offers him his protection if Gantos will be his bitch.

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