Passer Angelfish. Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. Passer Angelfish (Holacanthus passer) Item: CN- . Latin name, Holacanthus passer – Valenciennes, Common name, King angelfish. Family, Pomacanthidae – Holacanthus. Origin, East Pacific, Central/ West. Fish guide for Passer Angelfish, Holacanthus passer, King Angelfish facts, information, description and pictures, Passer Angelfish care, diet and compatibility.

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Then holacannthus meaty foods are added the angelfish will be holacanfhus full and will not consume high levels of meaty foods. Both the King and the Queen Angelfish are found in the tropical reef areas adjacent to Central America. All adults consume various types of algae, sponges and to a lesser degree invertebrate eggs, cnidarians, and zooplankton.

You may also supplement their diet with a very small amount of meaty fare such as brine and mysis shrimps, along with finely chopped marine flesh.

Larger crustaceans Shrimp, crabs By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sexually mature king angelfish, on the other hand, have mostly brown or blue bodies depending on the light with the same blue rimming around the fins and a yellow tail.

They love Nori and will eat the various colors of dried algae sheets, and frozen preparations.

King angelfish (Holacanthus passer)

hlacanthus Parasites on marine fish kept with live rock or in any type of reef environment can be extremely difficult to treat. It is essential to adding the King Angelfish into the tank as the last resident, after all other fish are established.

They also have a bright orange-yellow fan shaped tail. Of the other 7 species, 3 are found in the tropical psaser Pacific Ocean and 4 are found in the tropical west Atlantic.


Species requiring more than a liter tank are considered not suitable for home aquarium. Two King Angelfish can be added to a tank well over well over gallons l as long as there are plenty of ppasser places. Any other angels should not be the same size, nor have a similar color or body shape.

King angelfish (Holacanthus passer) in aquarium

Large males at the Galapagos Islands feed on the passerr of Scissortail Chromis Chromis atrilobatabut females from this area are more into algae and benthic invertebrates. Requires a varied diet This species must be fed with an appropriately varied diet. Passive peaceful fish will be tormented as well as most corals, star polyps, zoanthids and yellow holacanthks polyps. A larger tank might be needed for fully-grown specimens.

Here are some suggestions to increase the chances of success: Sometimes forms mixed aggregations with Pomacanthus zonipectus Ref.

Human uses

Holacanthu are not reef-safe, but some of this species can, with a little care, be kept in a coral aquarium. Like other species of Holacanthus they feed mostly on sponges, algae, plankton, and other invertebrates, but both juveniles and adults also perform cleaning services.

Abundance is ho,acanthus as the average number of individuals recorded per RLS transect, where present. These guys will even nip the fins of stationary Lionfish!

Adults, both male and female, have been known to regularly clean off large Pandarus copepods from Scalloped Hammerheads Sphyrna lewini These pests bother them to the point that holavanthus Hammerheads will descend to the depths that the King Angelfish is found for regular cleanings! Mix Focus in a ratio of 5 to 1 with their Metronidazole 5 parts Focus to one part Metrothen mix this with 1 tablespoon of food. This is also true of the Pomacanthus genus of angelfish, as hokacanthus example see the French Angelfish Pomacanthus paru.

Gulf of California to Peru, including the Galapagos Islands. In anything smaller they will abuse their tank mates.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Enter a Saltwater Aquarium. Aquarium Setup The three basic needs are a large tank, plenty of live rock with algae growing on it, and proper foods. Large decorative shrimp, snails, crabs and bristle worms are generally safe to keep with the King Angelfish.


Jungle’s YouTube Channel – Marine. This a trait found in all species of Holacanthus angelfish. Aquarium Care These angelfish need very good water quality, and anything below acceptable levels will result in stress which can lead to several illnesses. For best success, purchase a sub-adult that is 3 to 4″ and offer it some sponge covered rocks to induce an initial feeding response. Water quality must also be very high, so that the fish do not get stressed for that reason either.

The Seachem Metronidazole medications works well in combination with another Seachem product called Focus, which is a bonding hopacanthus.

Reef safe with caution: Order hooacanthus introduction It is a good idea to make a wishlist and choosing the order so, that the least aggressive are introduced first.

During pwsser spawning cycle a pair can produce upwards of ten million fertilized eggsaveraging about 25,—75, daily. Lionfishs, Frogfishs and similar.

But by choosing your corals carefully, or by getting specific species of Angelfish, they can be kept in coral aquariums. Many species are not reef safe, as they especially target the soft corals and LPS. They also have a strong spike under their lower cheek for defensive purposes.

Geographic Distribution Holacanthus passer. Yellow colonial polyps and Zoanthids have also been known to be nipped at.

When the females arrive, each male will swim towards and above a female and flutter their bodies in short jittery motions.