Hink Pinks are word puzzles that use two-word clues to lead to a rhyming solution. Whether kids are solving the riddles or creating their own, they are expanding. Kids will love Hink Pinks—word puzzles that use two-word clues to lead to a rhyming solution. Try one and get hooked yourself: Obese feline? Fat cat!. What’s a Hink Pink you ask? Hink Pinks are fun rhyming word riddles. The answer to the riddle is a pair of words that rhyme with each other. For example: Large.

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They answer any number of Hink Pinks or complete the entire card. Hink Pink is a highly motivating game because it is so fun.

Hairy berry A fat sandwich: Students can try to get so many correct answers in a given time frame or complete the chart in some way four corners, five in a row, etc.

Try playing the game using two-syllable rhyming solutions these are called Hinky Pinkies or even three-syllable ones Hinkety Pinketies. Help a Child Write a Poem. In this variation, the clues do not need to be read aloud.

ESL Games: Hink Pink – Word Game | TESOL Blog

You can play with single- or double-syllable words based on the language level of your students. Children can be card sharks in this game, which challenges players to build words from prefixes, root words, and suffixes. Handouts must be printed separately. Bony pony A cautious bird: Finer diner A light-red beverage: Make a Magnetic Poetry Set. Shy fly A tiny insect: It is a fun way to practice language skills.


Here are some Hinky Pinkies: Fat cat A dark-colored sled dog: Jamieson June 18, To think both logically and creatively about a topic using different kinds of information. Students complete the work independently by reading the clues and writing the suggested rhyming answer on pknks cards.

The clues can be presented visually or orally. But the idea of the game is the same.

Hink Pink Quiz | 15 Questions

Have fun coming up with your own Hink Pinks, and feel free to share any you come up with here! The object of Hink Pink is to have students think of words that match given definitions. Pink drink Dehydrated soup: Connect with us on Ipnks. Share and discuss answers.

Making up the riddles also encourages them to think critically and creatively because they have to develop the problem all the way through from start to finish.

Think Hink Pinks!

Wary canary A chubby kitten: The categories used in grammar to group different types of words, such as nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. Encourage creativity and word play by helping a child recognize the elements of a poem and explore different ways of writing one.

Share this page with others. Slow crow A skinny little horse: Instead of thinking of the correct answer, students match the correct answer to the given clues. Students work individually or in groups to pniks the rhymes. When people think critically, they not only attend to new words and ideas, but they also connect these words and ideas with the things they already know.


Hink Pink — Word Game John murray says: Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Variations The clues can be read orally for the class to guess, or there can be teams of students who compete against each other in trying to solve the Hink Pinks. Students can write their own Hink Pinks to use or trade them with other students.

Chowder powder A fat fish: There’s nothing better than a brain booster that is also fun. Dusky husky A humorous rabbit: Soggy doggy A greased bird: Let children practice using different types of words in a fill-in-the-blank-story game before making their own word list for hinj magnetic poetry set.

Baked snake Sweet potato preserve: Students write the correct answers in the blanks under the clues. Chub sub Cooked reptile: Sandy candy A fuzzy fruit: Write a Gem of a Poem.