In this tutorial we’ll show you everything you’ll need to get up and running with HikaShop. You can also read our tutorials on other Joomla ecommerce solutions: . HikaShop is an e-commerce extension for Joomla! It is built for simplicity and flexibility. It has a wide range of marketing tools and powerful statistics to. HikaShop is fully integrated with Joomla and you can get started In this tutorial, we have four videos to get you up and running with Hikashop.

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With the main features for a little shop. Return to the product page and go to the Options panel.

4 Videos to Get Anyone Started With Hikashop – Joomlashack

The HikaShop default menu item are automatically created when you install HikaShop. There are three versions available. Shipping prices per product tutorial. The free version does not let you create product options, and we wanted to be able to demonstrate them. For example, the group subscriber will add the account into a specific Joomla group s when the subscription is active and will remove the account from the group s when it expires.

You may find that with HikaShop as well as any product. Alternatively, you can click the New icon in the administration tuutorial bar. Two buttons are now added, one to delete directly a product from the cart, and the other to proceed to the checkout.

Then, in the action, simply select “Display the results” and you will see the elements to display. You can learn a lot more about all these parameters here. If you don’t need categories, you don’t need to create them.


Thanks to this system, you can edit multiple products in one click as well as categories, orders, addresses or Hikashop users, avoiding long hours of repetitive work doing it element by element.

Hikashop Adding Products and Categories. If you haven’t entered anything yet, when you click on the next step you will get a message telling you to enter at least the name and the code number. It is important to check and configure that setting which list the order statuses defining an order as confirmed and paid by the customer.

Secure eBook generator for the integration hikasop the “Secure eBook” plateform deprecated Each step has its own title that will announces what will be displayed:. HikaShop comes in both a free version and two levels of commercial versions. For this part of the tutorial, you must have configured at least 2 shipping methods. But you want tutrial shirt to be listed when your customers browse your shop. But what if you want some options. Each time a serial will be generated, a HikaShop coupon will be created too.

HikaSerial Subscription could be installed like a classical Joomla!

HikaShop – HikaSerial Tutorial

Create a category called “T-shirt logos”. We wanted to change the category so we selected “Replace” here. Click Add a product hikkashop the Products tab drop down menu. Let’s precise some points in order to better understand workflow parts: You are now ready to add them as options to your basic t-shirt.

The Joomlashack Blog

Menu to switch between them, just click it. Since HikaShop is fully integrated with Joomla, you can get started very quickly. This price will be applied for each product added in the cart.


Some specific settings are in the dedicated tab, but the main tab also contains some important setting, specially regarding the Assignable order statuses. Add product categories and prices. After you understand this, you will be able to more efficiently plan out your cart and approach. For example the coupon generator can change the coupon value depending the product that the customer bougth.

In this tutorial we’ll show you everything you’ll need to get up and running with HikaShop.

Otherwise, it will not be triggered. Repeat the previous configuration to create another line, and so a second specific shipping price to your product, like you can see on screen below.

Once HikaSerial installed, his menu would be merged with the HikaShop menu. So you can also create instances for these plugins if you want to add an image or a PDF in the confirmation emails. Here will be displayed only published shipping methods where you have set the ” Use price per product ” setting to ” Yes “. It means is that the “Add to cart” parameter inherit the “Yes” value from higher hierarchy element. For full Hikashop training, see: When the data is selected, you tutoria choose one or many triggers, filters, actions.