G. W. Farrow • I. Menon The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra With the Commentrary Yogaratnamala G.W. FARROW and I MENON MOTILAL. Shri Hevajra is a principal meditational deity of the Anuttarayoga classification in Buddhist Tantra. According to the Sakya system Hevajra belongs to the. हेवज्र तन्त्रम – संस्कृत मूल एवम हिन्दी अनुवाद (The Hevajra Tantra). Item Code: NAC Cover: Hardcover. Edition: Publisher.

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Krsna was a common name and the various persons who bore it are not distinguished. It is quite possible that the conflicts and confusions regarding the biography of Krsnacarya stem from prejudices held by some later commentators against the whole idea of such direct views and methods.

Then, after, the yogi and yogini were consecrated into the non-dual Y ogini Tantra, that is, were given the Fourth Consecration. The constant and deliberate identifying of a part with the whole is one of the chief difficulties in clear exposition. In recent European and Indian works the feminine element is now regularly referred to as the sakti, but yet she is no sakti active power.

A vast number of texts were translated, hence the Tangyur and Kangyur. The Candali practice is described. At such gatherings, before and after the empow- ering rite and during and after the feasting, the need to communicate was curtailed to only the essential matters at hand and these were expressed in secret sign language.

In the condition of the Joy Innate their distinctions, which were mere means, are all absorbed. Sometimes the vernacular of that hdvajra has been utilised to define crucial views regarding the tantric method.

Buddhist Deity: Hevajra Main Page

Suppose a couple of hevaura lovers wish to keep their love in secret, as the thief in the night, but when she has conceived and has a big belly, when hevajrra is rearing the baby and feeding it with bare breasts, when the child is three years old and walks in the street joining hands with his parents, their love can in no way be hidden any longer.


By this kind of wise reasoning Vajrasattva, the Adamantine Being is so called. However, his importance as a lineage master is attested by the inclusion of sixty- four of his works in the Tangyur. From the view of the Process of Perfection, the guru’s instructions revealing the four Joys which are of the nature of the four Moments when the Vajra Gem is placed in the secret place, the Lotus, yevajra the Secret Consecration.

See also Mahayanasutra- lamkdra, ed. Vibha Aggarwal Hardcover Edition: How the elemental nature of the body obscures the Innate nature is discussed.

A Safe Guide for the Practitioner of Hevajra Tantra

At the same time the existence of other versions, at least of parts of the text, is attested by some of the short works in the Sadhanamala. The yogin tanfra the Great Symbol gains fulfillment in that which is no fulfillment, for its characteristic is the very absence of any characteristic.

The principal deity and name of the treatise, Hevajra, will be utilized to demonstrate this tantric system of language employed in the compo- sition of tantric treatises.

It was learned and recited ritually as one of the means of consubstantiation with the divinity which it expressed, and when it is commented upon by those few who were skilled in the meaning of its parts, they themselves would conceive of it in no other way than as a means to this same self-experience.

Exotic India you are great! We know, for example, from the Hevajra-tantra itself that it was written after the Sarvatathdgatatattvasamgraha?

All that is new is their adoption of a Buddhist garb, and this with complete disregard of the contradictions that exist. As with other tantras, the Hevajra tantra that we know is said to be derived from a much larger, original tantra called the Hevajra root tantra Skt.

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These various blissful, stabilized meditative states are the culminations of particular stages of practice within a proc- ess and are also the culminations of each process.

Definition of the Accomplishment 3.

Hevajra Tantra

In order to emphasize the essential identity of the idea the female form is made to transmute into the male3 and the two which are thus identified are nirvana and samsara.

The Carya, the Application of the Vow is said to be the strict application of vows according to the instructions of the gurus and Buddhas. Other incidental references appear in the notes. Visualization and Repetition A. Therefore it is said that in each consecration one of the four Joys and one of the four Moments must be experienced.

One may envisage the final stage of 1 See I. Nor, knowing the Indian genius for the producing of works which at least begin to approximate to these proportions, can one discount altogether the possi- bility of the existence of other and heevajra versions. The nature of the knowledge of direct personal experience is described.

The limited aspect of the Innate is represented by the procreative essences of the male and the female, the semen and the hevajrz. Tantric practices, such as visualization, were made easier to perform by giving the male or female deities attributes which suited the predilections of that time and place. It is only strange that if such a longer version existed, the commentators should not have made some use of it.