So we’re nearing exchange on our house and our buyers solicitor has asked for a copy of our hetas certificate for our woodburning stove. Hi, I am in the (long) process of purchasing a 4 bed detached property. We have now been told that the wood burner does not have any. Just realized that in the heat of battle renovation, I forgot completely to get a HETAS certificate for our open fireplace, which Im guessing BC will.

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The information on the certificate is used to record your installation, and is used to notify your Local Authority Building Control Department LABC of the work that was undertaken.

Retrospective HETAS certificate for open fireplace

Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Boiler Certificatr Boiler stoves: I don’t believe that someone can issue a Hetas Certificate if they haven’t done the work? The process hdtas a little long winded but in practice it is likely to be fine. It is though unfair in my opinion — there is no reason why Building Control should make you do this as it not difficult and they have had their fee.

The liner warranty covers a replacement but not the removal or re-fitting of the existing liner. I came across the following: Blazing Burners are HETAS registered therefore once we have performed your installation in accordance hettas Government building regulations as determined in Approved Document Jwe are then able to self certify your installation.

Some are happy if the liner is already in and some would rather fit it. Connecting a wood burning stove direct to a chimney Please think about fitting a chimney liner Distance to combustibles Chimney stack ends in loft somebody took it down. It says in here: The amount of additional air supply required mostly depends upon the output of your stove. Allchimneys’ HETAS registered installers are trained and registered to work on solid fuel and wood heating systems.

There is an example in the back of the relevant Approved Document.

What is HETAS Certification & Why It’s Important For Installers & Customers

Who polices these people? They were always fair and helpful.

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The one chimney guy I did speak to over here said he’d be very happy to provide the certificate for it, with the one small proviso that he would have to dismantle the whole thing and rebuild it from scratch so as to comply etc.! Still a little unclear on how all this may effect any future sale of the property. Well, actually, the guys who installed it a modular Isokern pumice system weren’t actually HETAS registered, so it was always something I would have had to pay a third party to issue.

I believe they do this just to price the job out of the market they make the price so high that nobody will bother them. Allchimneys not only passed every HETAS requirement, we surpassed them and recieved a distinction for our solid fuel awareness which includes wood burning stove installation. So what happens next after you fill your form in? Allchimneys is fully qualified a member of this scheme.

Might not work in the UK Am getting increasingly worried that anyone who issues this kind of certificate retrospectively will want to pull the whole thing apart to check on various things Do I need to line my chimney? HETAS makes available lists of installers, chimney sweeps, flue specialists and maintenance companies to enable you to maintain your installation safely into the future. And other terminology explained… Wood burning or multifuel stove?

Before I was Hetas-registered I put my stoves through Building Control and in all cases they came prior to start and then again at the end of the job. DocumentationCommunity Support. These are reader friendly and we ask you to go over these and come back to us with any questions you may have before the install.

Do I need an air vent for a wood burning stove? Buy individually or both books together. Building Control Legislation From the 1st April new legislation came in to force which stated that any persons wishing to install a solid fuel appliance and associated chimney relining system to their home must either obtain hettas control approval or have the work carried out vertificate a competent person belonging to the HETAS Registration Scheme.


Take a look at this document: Symptoms of CO poisoning include headaches, weakness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, confusion, blurred vision and loss of consciousness.

HETAS is the official body recognised by government to approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services. To Flexible Liner In Chimney Introduction Stove to flue to adaptor to liner Connected to liner, inside fireplace opening Connected to liner, outside fireplace opening Distance to combustibles Chimney stack ends in loft somebody took it down.

However, the amount of CO released in this process is so small that it is not ceritficate. Should I insulate my hstas liner? Listed below are the works covered by the competent person scheme under the building regulations schedule 2A:.

Yes, it was indeed on the original plans, so hopefully will be part of the overall control process. Your log burner and chimney system come with warranties and should be serviced yearly to maintain these warranties and prevent the efficiency of your stove certificte system being compromised.

These costs and this behaviour will surely just ensure that a local Building Control rarely has to be bothered with the signing off of a stove, and local people who wish to self install will just ignore them and join the thousands out there who just go ahead and do it without notification.

One can also use a private Building Inspector such as the one below covering South of England and London. Blazing Burners will be happy to service your stove and you should expect a call 12 months after installation or during the summer, unless you have contacted us prior to this.

He might object or want a new fee if it wasn’t shown on any of the plans. This is a simple and effective process costing a few pounds whereas the local authority Building Notice can cost hundreds of pounds in some cases.