Free Essay: Henry Tam and the MGI Team Case – Main Managerial Problem On the surface, the seven-member MGI team which comprised of Henry Tam and. Sep 7, Henry tam at mgi team. 1. 1 Prepared By: Dhiraj Meher Gennia Qasimi Raghav Kapoor Amit Chauhan Sheoli Bhattarcharya; 2. Evaluation. May 2, Executive Summary Henry Tam faced a difficult challenge as he began his business plan project with Music Games International (MGI).

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Henry took the role of compromiser to resolve the conflict between Sasha and Dana. From the perspective of formal organisation, it was equally disastrous. How to Write a Summary of an Article? Cite View Details Educators Related.

Henry Tam & The MGI Team

Most importantly, all team members were committed to working together and would like to have the business successfully implemented. This would cause the process to start all over again. Root Causes of the Teams Process Problems There are four factors to consider when setting up an effective team. Dana and Henry were the Americans and were looked as interns by Russian Sasha instead of team leaders. In order for the group to achieve its agenda, expectations and boundaries must be set for team members creating a clear direction.

Igor and Roman blamed Sasha at the beginning of the teamwork for being overwhelmed with lots of works and ignoring the sales while Sasha blamed Dana, Henry and others for not using his stuff much although he helped the others a lot.

Sasha had strong working experiences in both MNCs as well as start-ups. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Roman, Dav and Igor all felt the heat of tension between Sasha and Dana. Subject Code and Name: How to Write a Good Case Study.

Henry Tam and Mgi Team

After compiling a heavy amount of research data, Henry and Dana believe they should market the product to teachers and hrnry market. Sarah Powers at Automated Precision Products. Also, knowing how to manage agreements and disagreements will help the team to produce mggi performance among its task and interpersonal relationship.


Also, the team struggles to identify their responsibilities, define their roles, make decisions together, and resolve conflicts. To get a unique essay Hire Writer. At the same time, they did thf utilise all the team members abilities as well. In a homogeneous group the members are very similar and find it easy to work together. The case states this as too much diversification within team.

In evaluating the case, it is evident the mgk has not made effective progress pg. Cite View Details Educators. Therefore, the group fails to achieve timeliness. In evaluating the team’s process from the five stages of group development; Forming, Hhe, Norming, Performing and Adjourning [1] ,we saw that the forming stage took place over a few meetings as not all members were inducted in the beginning. This stage develops when the group is mature.

There was no clear leader; whoever had the most energy at the time provided leadership pg. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The blurring roles caused to team to remain inefficient. So his strengths could also be considered weaknesses if taken to the extreme. He needs a clear understanding of the stages of group development. On paper, there were danger signs of personality clash between the MGI team founders and Henry and Dana.

Henry needs to identify norms and values for the team. Hence, from the above analysis taking the two perspectives, we concluded that the differences among the team members were a liability.

Henry Tam & The MGI Team

This is a period of high emotionality and tension among the group members. Alex tried to convince and reduce Dana frustration from the thought of time was being wasted He tried to explain the difference in mentality. A limited time offer!


We will write a custom essay sample on Henry Tam and Mgi Team specifically for you. Their discussion styles are not effective, and this will allow better communication and help them to increase performance.

It was clear the team did tewm had a leader and no specific roles were assigned for the team members. And lastly, they did not set the norms and values and did not spend time developing a good working culture from the start.

On paper, the team demonstrated some key strengths.

You are commenting using your WordPress. He could control his emotions, was confident, a good listener and highly analytical. More drastic steps could be taken, but would require much more change. There are numerous issues building within the MGM team from the very start. In the next storming stage, we saw conflicting expectations, frustrations and a bit of confusion too.

As previously mentioned, in the very first meeting, the team seemed to have problems developing a close relationship or any sense of trust.

We certainly think so and we recommend Henry to step up to be a good team leader for the MGI team.

Rationale There would also be heated discussions in regarding how to proceed. The founders of the company tdam two internationally accomplished musicians and a Harvard Abd, all Russian, who are trying to create, produce, and sell a unique computer-based music game. Work to get your way, rather than clarifying and addressing the issue. We believe that if MGI team members were more concern about its behaviors accordingly and consistently, the team would have been more productive and efficient in the performance.