Henry Miller In The Colossus of Maroussi he describes drinking from sacred springs, nearly being trampled to death by sheep and. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Henry : ioned. Like the ancient colossus that stood over the harbor of Rhodes, Henry Miller’s The Colossus of Maroussi stands as a seminal classic in travel.

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The Colossus of Maroussi

Newspapers engender lies, hatred, greed, envy, suspicion, fear, malice. There are serene passages about wandering the streets, broke and happy. He likes no, he loves Greece, and its people, its poets, its con-men, its peasant women, its islands and its sky I could have passed quietly from one dream to another, owning nothing, regretting nothing, wishing nothing. Here, in “The Colossus of Marouss Henry Miller’s reputation as a writer needs little verification from the likes of me.

For Greece is the central geographical landscape on which he builds. Open Preview See a Problem? Greece to him is real.

He spoke of little things and of great with equal reverence; he was never too busy to pause and dwell on the things which moved him; he had endless time on his hands, which in itself is the mark of a great soul. Finally fed up with reading books according to weight, heaviest first, I finished this book in a matter of minutes today. I know I’ve been despoiling myself in back alley bookstores, in ports, jonesing for the cheapest thrill to be sold in English, but this book just vaulted into the pantheon of one of the greatest books I’ve ever read.

Miller had already published what are considered some of his best-known works, including Tropic of CancerBlack Springand Tropic of Capricorn. People only go on strike for better working conditions, better wages, better opportunities to become something other than they are.


Henry Miller gave himself completely over in this homage to Greece.

His writing is distinctly dated today, but delightfully so. We come milleer understanding more about the taste of Greek water, the quality of Greek light, and the magnificence of the Greek spirit than from reading all the objective reporting on Greece in the Library of Congress. If we could all go on strike and honestly disavow all interest in what our neighbor is doing we might get a new lease of life.

We are lucky enough to travel with him, enduring treacherous seas, precipitous mountain passes, and heroic debauches, as well as feasting on the simple food, viewing the sublime beauty, and feeling the brotherhood and humanity that come to Miller like beneficent Peloponnesian sun wherever he turns. I know many people are not really into miller.

The Colossus Of Maroussi

Retrieved 31 May I’m only sorry he missed seeing ‘Kimomene’ while he was here – or I believe he would have stayed on Poros for the rest of his life too. Slow forward rhe Sofia, Bulgaria, a city which makes boring sound like a long lost art form. His accounts were interesting, some really funny.

Books by Henry Miller.

New Seeds of Contemplation Thomas Merton. Before I discovered his book, I’d already fallen in love with the country and then moved to the small island of Poros that captured my heart.

This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat They abound there, including the colssus last of them, lovely Antinous: Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Our customer reviews Goose bumps.

That the Greeks made men gods and not disembodied souls. His prose is straightforward and beautiful. It’s not only Miller’s misanthropic picture of Christmas that does it, it’s the lavish piling ot of adjectives that gives such a fine twist to his style.

The Colossus of Maroussi by Henry Miller

This beautiful and nearly flawless travel memoir is marred by this unfortunate sentence on page They ask nothing of you except that colsosus participate in their superabundant joy of living. In any case my Ideas about combating Fascism, defending democracy, etc.


Most of all, marouasi book shows Miller in a different light, not limited by his fame for writing about sex actually, most of his books are not as he explores a new land, unknown to him until then.

I had everything a man could desire, and I knew it. He wrote back to tell me that it almost sounded like this book. In fact, the illumination was so brilliant that the food began to look hallucinatingly enticing.

His love for mankind is in every line.

The Colossus of Maroussi – Wikipedia

There were some pretty significant things happening in Europe at that time. This work is as fanciful and full of poppycock as any other great piece by maroyssi man whose work I love so dearly I had some of it tatooed on my belly This is no lie. Besides being the work of a truly formidable writer, it will take you to places you probably never dreamed existed. Foram os deuses que humanizaram os gregos. To ask other readers henrry about The Colossus of Maroussiplease sign up.

I first met Miller at the end ofwhen I was passing through Paris on my way to Spain. But even if you dont care for Miller; you really should try this one. This example of his work is in some ways a peculiar one since it was written during a turning point in modern history, namely the Second World War, and was inevitably a turning point in Miller’s own life as well.

The Frenchman puts walls about his talkā€¦The Greek, on the other hand, is an adventurer: