· Rating details · ratings · 26 reviews. The Cosmic Code (Quantim Physics as the Language of Nature [paperback] Pagels, Heinz R.; Heinz R. Pagels. The Cosmic Code: Quantum Physics as the Language of Nature. Heinz R. Pagels. Dover Publications (). Like. Recommend. Bookmark. BOOKS The Cosmic Code: Quantum Physics as the Language of Nature by Heinz R. Pagels. Michael Joseph, London ; PP. Hardcover £

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The spectacular world of microcosmos consisting of proton, positron, coamic, gluon, lepton, hadron, neutrino, quarks so on and on I would have followed his writings like a squealing fangirl. In our current state of social complexity, political polarization, and philosophical ambiguity, this tension is more acute and the demands for solutions are more pressing than in earlier, more optimistic periods.

May be the last quantum physics book I attempt to digest.

The Cosmic Code: Quantum Physics as the Language of Nature

Twenty Experiments cksmic Changed our View of the World. I should have read him sooner. A good primer on quantum physics from the early eighties but I found some of his analogies clunky. Inasmuch as we are part of nature we are also perfect; it is our humanity that is imperfect.


I love this book to the point of sentimentality. A must read for those intrigued by latest scientific theories.

The Cosmic Code: Quantum Physics as the Language of Nature by Heinz R. Pagels

The Special and General Theory. The most remarkable part of this book is the description of Bell’s Inequality. Pagels [Jan 01, ].

Your Faith is Your Fortune. I heartily recommend it! I recall that I thought it excellent but will need to re-read it to be certain. Interesting and I wonder how much holds up 40 years later.

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History clde Western Philosophy. A physicist at a dead show back in the s recommended Pagels to read if I was interested in Physics. The Magic of Believing: Thanks, Pagels is pretty good. Pagels is unfailingly lighthearted and confident.

Heinz R. Pagels, The Cosmic Code: Quantum Physics as the Language of Nature – PhilPapers

The God that plays dice has set us free. It is really a wonderful book, it is worth ten stars.

Assertiveness for Earth Angels. Relativity, Thermodynamics and Cosmology. Advanced Metaphysical Concepts for Illuminated Living.

Great Experiments in Physics: Jun 20, Nancy rated it it was amazing. The book isin three sections. We appreciate your feedback.

Selections from His Writings. Trivia About The Cosmic Code: Reprint of the Simon and Schuster, New York, edition. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: The Principle of Relativity. The Ontology of Science: And I really liked the author’s sense of humor in dealing with the physicist’s concept of nothing at pagwls – the vacuum please see my reading update for this book and different ‘interpretation offers’ of quantum mechanics in the busy “Reality Marketplace”.


As for me, Pagels did a superb job in explaining quite a number of QM related concepts, such as randomness and probability distributions, the Bell’s inequality, the Schroedinger’s cat analogy and why the second law of thermodynamics cannot in fact be obtained from just the laws of motion of all the individual particles, as ppagels as why infinities are obtained for the mass of the electron.

In the third and final section, Pagels presents a thoughtful essay on I the nature of scientific law, 2 what twentieth-century science has revealed to devotees such as himself about the nature of our universe, and 3 whether modern science is “hostile to humanity”.

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