HAZET is a leading German tool manufacturer based in Remscheid. In addition to factory and workshop equipment. You will find HAZET hand tools in our new. HAZET main catalog NO.: 70 – Page search. Please wait, your request is being transmitted. Online Katalog. PDF Download (MB). Páginas Valid. HAZET main catalog NO.: 70 – Page search. Please wait, your request is being transmitted. Online Katalog. PDF Download (MB). Request quotation.

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An injector having been removedwith the External Adapter must be replaced! Professionally-qualified personnel takes the 3D design out to real life The machine or equipment designs are taken out to real life in our environment-friendly halls, by means of welding, waterjet cutting, steel hxzet work, and CNC-machining.

Putting all parts together, creating innovative machines and equipment. Reduced diameter end 31 fits through a compatibly sized passage in the plate 26 and hqzet fastened to knob 32 by a transverse set screw or pin 59 depicted in FIG.

The audible and palpable click-signal abates when torque value is lower. The knob 32 further may include a socket opening 35 at katallg outside end to facilitate engagement by a socket tool to enable driving of or rotation of the rod 30 by means, for example, of a wrench or another tool. Torque Wrench to be reset to smallest value after operation! This guarantees the existing essential competenceinthefieldofcontrolledscrewtighteningaswellasthehigh qualitity of the HAZET torque wrenches and torque testing devices.

MAN commercial vehicles F j drive In this context, we emphasize that the operating instructions and safety recommendations of each tool must be strictly observed.


That is, when replacing a hose attached to mechanical equipment, it is often necessary to remove the hose and therefore initially detach the hose clamp which holds the hose in a fixed position on a tube, for example.

The knob 32 may be knurled on its outside face to facilitate rotation of the knob Pitts regarding tool for removal of spring clamps on vehicles. Another feature relates to kataloog portion of the axially extending rails 2022 intermediate the generally parallel rod 30 and the jaws 34 E” and simple flares 4.

Read instructions before use. HAZET-blue or white aluminium RAL InnovativeInnovative pillar construction with integrated ram protection Three-level locking conceptCentral locking, lockable with two folding keysIndividual drawer locking Mutual drawer locking Top equipmentRectangular perforation of the side and rear panels provides katzlog fastening possibilities, e. PvC, antidrumming compound, joint sealant, stickers, etc.

With non-slip handleBody material: An optimal frictional connection guarantees a long service life of tools and screws.

Leiter des Kalibrierlaboratorium This calibrationcertificatemay not be reproduced other thaninfull except withthepermission ofboth theDeutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH andtheissuing laboratory. With serial number and certificateFor applications requiring low torque rangesEspecially suitable for: Always put the jacket of the collar behind the bearing!

Insulated tools according to VDE-standards must be used when working jazet live components. Thread plating of materials presenting a lowshearing resistance, e.

HAZET tool catalog torque equipment special tools wrenches ratchet trolleys – Page

For more details, also see the General Safety Recommendations on this page as well as the indications given in our Illustrated List.

Special steel Surface bright nickel-plated1K U For excessive and heavy use during repair work on commercial vehicles, agricultural and building machinery For levering out rotary shaft seal units For checking: Market-Ready Products See our standardized products and machines developed and manufactured at Tronrud Engineering.


A central passage 56 through the fixed plate 24 includes a counterbore 58 which cooperates with a flange 60 at one end of the threaded rod Tools that have been modified.

Thayer regarding spring band clamp removal tool.

US7966911B2 – Hose clamp removal and installation tool – Google Patents

The mechanism for moving the sliding or moveable jaw may be altered; for example, a piston to effect movement of the moveable jaw on a cylindrical rod or other smooth surface rod shape. Below are some examples which are considered as improper use of tools and are not covered by the guarantee: Diesel engines JTD 1. The rails of the hose clamp are spaced laterally, one from the other, in a manner which facilitates alignment of a band type hose clamp appropriately between the rails.

Assistent” Safe fixation of the socketsdue to special locking system ball clampingin the holding square.

USB2 – Hose clamp removal and installation tool – Google Patents

Follow vehicle manufacturer’s specifications concerning torque values. Tell us your ideas. This enables providing a mechanical advantage when attempting to rotate the rod 32 to open a hose clamp. A3 since 2.

If you detect material defects or faulty workmanship, please send us the tool in question free domicile through your distributor. Effortless application of wax in hollow spaces, etc.

M 16 Air consumption: