The dream of time travel has been achieved with the spectral photographs presented in this book, a collection of anonymous Hallowe’en. Ossian Brown has compiled a number of anonymous photographs depicting this in the book “Haunted Air” (), dating between and. Ossian Brown was a member of the dark, magical electronic music photos, dating between and , as collected in Haunted Air, with.

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So much so that I find myself surprised that it actually exists. These pictures capture the remnants of those beliefs, still hanging on alongside the dominant religion, captivating the imagination of hauntde people, still carrying a sense of soul even as industry marched forward to an ascendant position, enthroning a blind materialist reductionism where before there had been mystery.

Ossian Brown’s ‘Haunted Air’

Ossia Lynch wrote the book’s introduction. They seemed to have a glee for somehow stitching a laugh to darkness. I look and try to identify where they are, or what might be going on in their day to day lives. The costumes come prepackaged like so much else in our contemporary world, ready to be pulled off the shelf.

The page-and-a-half “historical note” on Halloween isn’t even up to Wikipedia quality. Hardcoverpages. But I love both of them. In his historic note at the end of the book Ossian writes, “Fleeing Ireland’s Great Famine ofmany thousands crossed the Atlantic to America. Oswian are no discussion topics on this book yet. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Bown it in the library, here. Dec 20, Tori rated it it was amazing Shelves: A creepy book of pictures taken of people in creepy Halloween costumes from – There is no information on the photographs themselves, even where there are good visible clues about their origins.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This set of black and white and sepia pictures from the late 19th to the first half of the 20th centuries sir a collection of images of American children and adults dressed for Halloween.

All are remarkable, fantastic photographs, and collecting them together increases their power.

The Haunted Closet: Halloween Treat: Haunted Air (Ossian Brown, )

Ossiah group shots in particular bronw to reveal a lot – of what, I don’t know. I’m not sure if it’s the vintage photo or the mask itself, but these could really add to the creep factor for a modern horror movie.

To look at these photos is to take a walk into the past, down blue highways into the heartlands of what Harry Smith has called the “old weird America. Ossian writes, “Gates were hung in trees and trucks overturned; livestock loosed; fires lit, tricks played and treats demanded.

Haunted Air: Anonymous Halloween photographs from c. – by Ossian Brown

There is no context for these images, which piques my curiousity. Anyway, that’s just the afterword, but wow.

Literally that’s all ya gotta do when you’re dealing with history that showcases racist attitudes of that time period. I wasn’t as charmed or intrigued by this collection of old photographs as I expected to be.

I may have to actually buy my own copy of this one. There is a feeling that comes over you when you look through these. The haunted tradition they carried with them would quickly take root and flourish in the fertile soil of the New World.

Open Preview See a Problem?

Best coffee table book ever based off of old pictures of Halloween costumes from I know a lot of people are creeped out by these photos and it seems that was the point of the collectionbut I find them fascinating in the somewhat DIY aspect of a lot btown the costumes.


We Are the Mutants. The blank masks and homemade pap Haunted and haunting. The pics were fantastic.

It’s obviously been a popular book – my copy is from ozsian fourth printing – but it won’t have much appeal for serious collectors or scholars of photographic history. Monday, October 22, Halloween Treat: Those people knew what scary was! Romeropeople with their skin painted blue to imitate the Na’vi, an exscuse to be raunchy and dress in the most provocative fashion.

The pumpkin supplanted the carved turnip; costumes grew ever stranger, and celebrants both rural and urban seized gleefully on the festival’s intoxicating, lawless spirit. Nrown ancient Celts called it Samhain and it was their new year, the beginning of the dark half of the year, a time when the veils of this world and the Otherworld thinned, and when spirits could stray forth from one to the other.

Dude, who the hell is this Geoff Cox guy? Creepy, but also filled with charming little things. One photo had seven people in it and four out of the seven were in either blackface or redface, and two girls in blackface literally had the letters “MAID” sewed onto their dresses. Aug 14, Elaine Lamkin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Anonymous Halloween photographs from c.

Creepy pictures that sometimes make you want to quickly turn the page to get away from the unnerved feeling they leave you with others make you stay on the page staring indefinitely at the image like it’s a train wreck.

Anyw Dude, who the hell is this Geoff Cox guy?