Process Making Fiber Cement old type and improvement. Asbestos fiber cement techhology about years ago, Ludwig Hatschek made the. Equipment Evolution. Hatschek Forming Machine process entire sheet machine output. > Worked on process improvements to provide +/-. 1/8” on all. Hatschek process for the production of fiber cement plates. [] NL-A discloses a method and appa- ratus for manufacturing fiber.

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Polyolefin coated fabric reinforcement and cementitious boards reinforced with same. On this accumulator roll ahtschek, which according to the invention has a recess in axial direction along at least part of the circumference as shown in figure 2a plurality of fiber cement multilayered slab layers are accumulated by rotating the accumulator roll along its axisuntil the predefined thickness is hatzchek.

Installation for producing panel-shaped articles from a mixture of plaster and fibrous material. According to some embodiments, each of the monolayers may be provided by accumulating fiber cement slurry on a rotating sieve drum and removing the accumulated fiber cement slurry from the rotating sieve drum as a monolayer, the width of the first type of monolayers in transverse direction being provided by removing the part of the accumulated fiber cement slurry from the sieve, which parts extends beyond hatcshek width to be provided.

Fibre cement – Cembrit

The second development was to replace some of the asbestos reinforcing fibers with cellulose fibers from wood. The best combustibility ratings can be achieved with the subtlest of hatshcek to the raw materials.

Positive pressure machine for forming continuous strips of asbestoscement compositions and the like. The difference in thickness of the plate from the middle section of the plate to the edge of the plate may be up to 3 mm millimetertypically ranges up to 2 mm, and may be between 0. Cement mix and method for producing reinforced building sheets from a cement mix.

This was not widely adopted except for siding products and wet-area lining sheets. The cut material will be recycled to the fiber cement slurry as is typically done in Hatschek processes.


WOA2 – Hatschek process – Google Patents

Kind code of ref document: Light in weight it is easier to transport and work on site. Curing the uncured fiber cement plate to provide a profiled fiber cement plate with tapered of beveled edges may be done by e. Thick organic coatings are also expensive, and hydraulic presses are a high cost manufacture step. It is to be noticed that the term “comprising”, used in the claims, should not be interpreted as being restricted to the means listed thereafter; it does not exclude other elements or steps.

EP EPA1 en The cement, filler, fibers and other material will be retained on the sieve surface, forming the monolayer. Method for smoothing cementitious procesa in the production of structural cementitious panels.

Asbestos, although it is an inorganic fiber, can be”refined”into Asbes, They are stable at high temperatures.

The monolayer build in this zone is sprayed away from the sieve, hatechek a monolayer with smaller width W1. The above objective is accomplished by processes according to the present invention.

By the simple formation of a repeated wave in the wet material, larger panels can be made self-supporting and thereby provide excellent method of cladding large areas. According to a first aspect of the present invention, a Hatschek process for the production of profiled fiber cement proces is provided, the process comprising the steps of.

Thus, appearances of the phrases “in one embodiment” or “in an embodiment” in various places throughout this specification are not necessarily all referring to the same embodiment, though they could.

WO2017001230A2 – Hatschek process – Google Patents

Since PVA fibers can’t be refined while cellulose can be, in this Western European technology the cellulose fiber functions as a process aid to form the network on the sieve that catches the solid particles in the dewatering step. If the density was lowered, the products became more workable for example they could hatsche nailed but the rate of saturation and the total water absorption increased and the freeze thaw performance decreased.


According to some embodiments, each of the monolayers may be provided by accumulating fiber hatscgek slurry on a rotating sieve drum and removing the accumulated fiber cement slurry from the rotating sieve drum as a processs, the width of the first type of monolayer in transverse direction being provided by obstructing at least part of the sieve at the outer ends peocess axial direction of the rotating sieve drum.

A typical Hatchek process is shown in Figure 1. The sieves procrss aligned one to the other in such a way that on the endless beltthe monolayer with the smallest width W1 is encompassed, or in this case covered, by the other monolayers, in this embodiment the other three monolayersandwhich have all a substantially identical width W2. These used the same mixture of asbestos fibers and cement as with the Hatschek process, although sometimes some process aid additives are used for other processes.

He combined, after 7 years of experimenting, cellulose, reinforcing fibres and cement in solution in water. Preferably the multilayered slab consists of 2, 3, 4, proccess, 6, 7 or 8 monolayers, though more monolayers are possible. This product is used primarily for roofing slates and corrugates.

Doping compensation mechanism for producing fiber cement products by wet process.

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Reinforced cement sheet product containing no asbestos for fabricating on Hatschek machine. The combination of raw material and matrix structure of fibre-cement also provides excellent durability.

If you do not accept cookies it may impact your experience of our websites and the services we are able to offer.