Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never. Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. Chapter 1. The Moral Aspect. Introductory. In Chapter I of Part V of the Main Report, we have dealt at some length with. Hamoodur Rahman Commission – Supplementary Report – Kindle edition by Government of Pakistan, Hamoodur Rahman, Hamood ur Rahman. Download it .

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Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 22 August It, therefore, recommended that as and when the Commander, Eastern Command and other senior officers who were in India at that time were available, a further inquiry should be held into the circumstances which led to the surrender in East Pakistan.

Niazi, who visited me in my office, that this was a commercial matter and should be left to the arrangements arrived at between PIA and Pan exporters.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission report unsettles Pakistan, raises demands for probe into Kargil

This fund was non-auditable. These included the war fiasco, the surrender, the Ojhri camp disaster repotr the Kargil misadventure. On June 7, speaking in Sahiwal, Gen Zia said that the elections were essential for democracy but the deposed premier had committed such follies that it would be meaningless to hand over power to the PPP once again.

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Full text of “Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report about East Pakistan Bangladesh Debacle”

The two direct and devastating consequences of this political situation brought about by the military regime itself, since holding the elections ofwere the prolonged involvement of the Pakistan Army in rahmsn insurgency measures throughout the Province, and its forced deployment in penny-pockets all along the borders of East Pakistan to prevent comimssion of Mukti Bahini and Indian agents.

The general deception Shaikh Aziz March 15, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A secret fund was placed at my disposal by the Government of East Pakistan for the purpose of payment of comimssion and purchase of information and in this case the expenditure was from the secret fund at my disposal.

Army Officers who were doing intelligence were raw hands, ignorant of the local language and callous of Bengali sensibilities. Several civilian officers have also deposed in a similar vein, and it would suffice to quote here the words of Mr.


In the meantime a number of questionnaires were issued to various persons, including those who were at the helm of affairs in East Pakistan, at the relevant time and others whom we considered likely to have relevant knowledge. Click here to download Acrobat Reader. The Rahma examined nearly witnesses in total, hundreds of classified documents and military signals between East and West Pakistan.

Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. He had stated that the message was drafted under the instructions of the Governor of East Pakistan who had been authorised by the President of Pakistan to offer proposals for a political settlement with the Awami League, and that he handed over a copy of the same to Mr. Living off the Land We suggest, therefore, without necessarily implying any dereliction on the part of the general, that the matter should be inquired into further so that the suspicion surrounding the same is cleared in the General’s own interest.

ONE has to look harder and harder to discern the economic message and direction of the government. We reported Major General Farman Ali to seek his explanation regarding this allegation and some other matters.

History creates hell – Neighbours News – Issue Date: Sep 4,

We are also of the view that proper and firm disciplinary actionand not merely retirement from service, is necessary to ensure against any future recurrence of the kind of shameful conduct displayed during the war. Mujibur Rahman and Dr Kamal Hussain were in his custody in West Pakistan, and that almost all the friendly countries had advised him to arrive at a political settlement in view of the looming Indian threat of military action. Gen Khadim Hussain were associated with the planning of the military action.

Nevertheless, in spite of all these factors we are of the view that the officers charged with the task of restoring law and order were under an obligation to act with restraint and to employ only the minimum force necessary for the purpose.

In the very nature of things, the Commission was not in a position to examine at any length the conduct and performance of officers below the Rdport level although some cases necessarily came to our notice where the performance of these officers had a direct bearing on the fate of important battles which were fought on various fronts, or where their conduct transgressed the norms of moral discipline.


R Shariff Witness No. He does not appear to repoet fit for further retention in service. On the fourth day of the all-out-war hamoodur fortresses were abandoned without a fight, namely, Jessore and Jhenidah the West and the Brahmanbaria in the East. Baqir Siddiqui displayed willful neglect in the matter of the execution of denial plans, with the result that large quantities of valuable war materials, equipment, installations, arms and ammunition were delivered intact to the Indians at the time of surrender.

Mujibur Rehman during his meeting with the Prime Minister at Dacca. Allegations were made that some persons in his custody were eliminated without trial, or even without any ostensible cause. In the Main Report we have mentioned the allegations, and the evidence relating thereto as regards the personal conduct of Gen. Offences in relation to enemy and punishable with death. With reports indicating that nearly Pakistani soldiers and countless civilian por ters from Gilgit and Baltistan died in Kargil and were buried in unmarked graves, there is a clamour for the army to come clean on its role.

As the Government of Bangladesh has been recognised by Pakistan, it may be feasible to request the Dacca authorities to forward to this Court of Inquiry whatever evidence may be available with them. Niazi made a public appearance at Hotel Intercontinental, Dacca, before foreign correspondents. In the harshness, we lost the support of the silent majority of the people of East Pakistan Niaziand Rao Farman Ali all died in The rebels while retreating carried out reprisals against non-Bengalis.

The allegations mentioned in the preceding Paragraphs jamoodur put to Lt. On coming to know about it I stopped the same forthwith.

erport From the above clarification it will be appreciated that there was no requirement to furnish details of the above expenditure to any accounts department. An inquiry was made from Maj Gen.