Hallicrafters SX Serial Number H Here is the SX, as received. Chuck McGregor drew the following schematic, showing where the cut was, and . View and Download Hallicrafters SXA technical manual online. SXA Radio pdf manual download. View and Download Hallicrafters SX service instructions manual online. The Model SX Super Skyrider Receiver. SX Receiver pdf manual.

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Hallicrafters SX-28 Service Instructions Manual

This amnual shows a non-authentic reproduction dial. An interesting advertisement in August QST seems to confirm that the SX did not account for a large percentage of orders. Wilcox was also known as Wilcox Electric and was located in Kansas City. All of these exorbitant prices are found on eBay sales.

Avoid the red BS indicators. Of note is the power transformer which has the standard Hallicrafters’ “h” embossed on the janual. Other SX cost cutters were the elimination of air trimmers in the front end and last IF transformer. Manual updated with new schematic and under chassis photos to reflect recent updates from – Part values are shown for capacitors inside IF transformers in new schematic – This manual probably dates hsllicrafters August the previous updated manual was dated Aug and the initial manual was dated Aug The Collins kilocycle dials from the late-forties found on the 32V series of transmitters are good examples of white dials that turn red with exposure to bright light.

It is very likely that intermixed stock accounted for this hallcrafters anomaly and in a “production environment” this would be considered a common occurrence.

The 10″ Jensen speaker has a ohm to 8 ohm transformer to match the speaker to the typical Hallicrafters’ audio output impedance. We are particularly looking for any information about the following:. First is the “changing manua, argument” – that hallkcrafters, the dials “started out” white and darkened to yellow or amber over the years of exposure to light.


Please use PayPal for sending a donation by clicking on the “Donate” Button below. This receiver is owned by: Don’t be too aggressive, the cover will come off with gentle taps.

High Fidelity audio – so does the Super-Pro along with more audio power 14 watts vs the SX’s 8 watts. Variations in output occurred since there was always a rush in the late fall towards Christmas and then a subsequent slowdown in the winter to spring season. Even the earliest manual’s photo of the chassis underside show that hallicravters trimmers were used on these four coils.


The first mod removed the 6H6 rectifier from the Lamb Noise Silencer and replaced it with a 6AL5 dual diode but only one section was used. The receiver will drift until it has thermally stabilized which takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

Alternately, keep trying to move the slug and then apply the heat.

Never let excessive moisture get on the front of either of the dials or the meter scale. This observation is based on dx-28 photograph that appeared yallicrafters CQ magazine in the s. After the panels were straight and dry, I had to reglue the veneer and add some patches where the veneer was missing. Estimating a dynamic like production is difficult and we are going by assigned serial numbers compared to inspection tag dates and date codes on components.

These wrinkles were stamped into the metal panel during manufacture.

Hallicrafters SX-28-A Technical Manual

Some are fungicide treated which sometimes leaves a red colored coating on solder joints and around tube sockets. Certainly, there is overwhelming evidence showing that the plastic material used for radio dials definitely darkens over time, especially with exposure to bright light.


His second receiver is HA which does have the “A” on the front panel. Though they can’t be seen in the photo, the condenser leads are underneath the assembly.

As more serial numbers are collected the picture of how Hallicrafters handled their production schedules might become clearer. At about the same time, the magnet cover was eliminated from the speaker frame. No Cathode Return bypass condenser C Want to build a replica R speaker? Most Hallicrafters enthusiasts have various opinions about the merits of either receiver.

Hallicrafters SX

There are around forty paper-wax capacitors to replace along with five electrolytics. This is about as close as can be found today of the original dial color, which was “light yellow.

We have many serial numbers reported in the Hxxx to the high Hxxx range but we have only three serial numbers from the Hxxx and xxx range with one other Hxxx unit known to have sold on eBay. I totally rebuilt this SX and the performance is incredible. H with matching R floor speaker. After about 10 seconds you should see the wax begin to bubble near the edge of the slug.

Finally, the audio section is powerful with a triode-connected 6F6 driving a push-pull pair of triode-connected 6F6s giving about 14 watts of high fidelity audio. A common problem with SXs is the S-meter potentiometer.