Haircut has ratings and 21 reviews. Lemar said: If you’ve ever stuck up a conversation in a small town diner with a seemingly innocuous local telling. Haircut. Ring Lardner (–) From Ring Lardner: Stories & Other Jonathan Yardley, in his authoritative biography of Ring Lardner. Ring Lardner’s short story “Haircut” is rich in the rhetorical device that I would call thematic nomenclature. The author uses proper names to reflect im-.

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Haircut (short story)

To ask other readers questions about Haircutplease sign up. They made a date to meet in the mornin’ and that’s the last I seen of Jim alive.

He went right up to her house one evenin’ and when she opened the door he forced his way in and grabbed her. Well, he’s got an Adam’s apple that looks harcut like a mush-melon. The entire story is his address to the reader who becomes necessarily introduced to, then involved with, and finally complicit in the barber’s narrative: She’s been ailin’ for a couple years and either Doc Gamble or Doc Foote, neither one, seemed to be helpin’ her.

Haircut–Ring Lardner ()

The only good part was that view spoiler [the town douchebag got what was coming to him hide spoiler ]. Jonathan Yardley, in his authoritative biography of Ring Lardner, mentions a newspaper column by Lardner that appeared on January 6, That’s an expression of Jim’s himself. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention.

That is, rin ain’t a girl no more, but pretty near thirty or over. Paul wouldn’t have much to do with anybody only his own mother and Doc Stair and a girl here haorcut town named Julie Gregg. And of course Jim and his gang told everybody in town, everybody but Doc Stair. The thing that made me give this 5 stars was def. But they live seven miles out in the country, on the Streeter road.


He laughed at first and said he didn’t want it, but they made him take it. Apr 06, Jack K rated it it was amazing. It also judges the barber in just such a searing way.

Paul was there and asked if he could come along hunting with him gaircut never having even used a gun before, and previously stating that he would never have anything to do with Jim ; Jim agreed Whitey believed that Jim agreed in order to prank him again, like pushing him into the water from his boat.

Throughout the story, however, the fundamental sense of man’s inhumanity is directly linked to the actions of people in all strata of small-town America.

He finally seen he wasn’t gettin’ nowheres with his usual line so he decided to try the rough stuff. Jim would have to laugh at that, but lardned he’d speak up and say, “No, I ain’t had nothin’ to drink, but that ain’t sayin’ I wouldn’t like somethin’.

City and besides that, the most of the boys works all day and don’t have no leisure to drop in here and get themselves prettied up. Before you cut into it, let’s make up a pool and see who can guess closest to the number of seeds. You’re a newcomer, ain’t you?

For instance, he’d be ridin’ on a train and they’d come to some little town like, well, like, well, like, we’ll say, like Benton. But still we miss him round here.


If I had all that was comin’ to me for just shaves alone, I could go to Carterville and put up at the Mercer for a week and see a different picture every night. For instance, they’s old George Purdy–but I guess I shouldn’t ought to be gossipin’. He wasn’t no more dead than, well, than a rabbit. Throughout the second and third decades of the twentieth century, Ring Lardner was one of the most distinguished writers, as well as one of the most popular. Doc done all he could to improve Paul’s mind and he told me once that he really thought the boy was getting better, that they was times when he was as bright and sensible as anybody else.

Reading the Short Story: Ring Lardner’s “Haircut”–Library of America’s “Story of the Week”

So they had to choose another man to be coroner in his place and they picked Doc Stair. Old man Gregg was in the lumber business, but got to drinkin’ and lost the most of his money and when he died, he didn’t leave nothin’ but the house and just enough insurance for the girl to skimp along on.

Instead, he drinks with what money he makes, and when she attempts to garnish his wages, he “get s even” by promising to take his wife and children to the circus and then not showing up with the tickets while they wait endlessly for him.

He certainly was a caution! Nobody could of thought it up but Jim Kendall. Views Read Edit View history.

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