HackMaster GameMaster’s Guide [David Kenzer, Steve Johansson, Jolly Blackburn, Brian Jelke, Henry Argetsinger, Barbara Blackburn, Jerimy Grafenstein. This book gives GameMasters all they need to know to delve into the wonderful, adventurous world of the HackMaster role-playing game. It is all about killing. It’s almost impossible to do justice to the HackMaster GameMaster’s Guide, even to describe it is simply as a 1st Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide on steroids.

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GameMastering Advice Chapter Two: But not lying in a ugide of refuse or in the possession of a creature who quite frankly is not capable of understanding its worth. I especially enjoy the chapter on quality items.

Kenzer & Company Hackmaster Downloads – GM Only

I have been a big fan of the zero level idea for a while. Like the captain of a ship at sea, you must constantly strive to maintain your game.

Appendix 2 covers all forms of disease gamemaater to a medieval environment. I just think that this aspect of any RPG hackmastr fairly mundane in nature. Combat information from a GM perspective is given a full explanation. The rest of the section is fairly unremarkable talking about how to deal with problem players, bring people in from other games, table culture and game themes, etc. The real gems though are in the discussion of tough table types, something I am personally a fan of.

Giving you details on school size, school location, teacher quality and costs for training. Hackmaster bases your reaction time with a weapon on its speed. His ax weighs approximately 5. Let me paint an example. Every attention to guife was paid to this book! For many, you also have to get ready to host the game itself, and sadly, most of you fork jackmaster your hard-earned cash for the game books and accessories in order to play the game. You are going to wait till that blow counts and make it happen.


The Journey Chapter Six: Most glaringly is the “Look it up” as the number 1 rule. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Loooooots of gamemasster tables, really where the book shines right here is the wealth of items and treasure tables. I have always run gamemzster own settings with a few side exceptions such as Ravenloft for instance.

They even give a few tactics of common flying monsters as examples to help flesh out GMing such battles. Regardless of that, the open road is not without perils or costs.

Clerics even get special guidelines revolving around their ethos. Appendix 3 gives a brief synopsis of Kalamar. Sometimes it is purposeful, such as a caravan escort. Detailed rules on how a GM should handle quirks and flaws. Shoot an arrow into the chest of your enemy, pierce a lung, cause them to go into shock! Quality pieces can resist damage better and have a much greater chance of surviving a fumble.

I have hakcmaster a lot of words over to what makes the book excel over similar guides. Taking the path of Zero to Hero is quite fun and Hackmaster delivers an optional way to facilitate this.


Kenzer & Company

Non-Monetary Treasure Chapter Thirteen: But there’s more than that. Group honor and fame are also discussed in decent detail.

Hackmaster Hacklopedia of Beasts Hardcover. All things HackMaster are made possible by the secrets contained herein.

These rules are in my honest opinion extremely poorly written and overly complex. The two column format nod to the past looks nice on the page and the bright color scheme helps to frame the text well.

These chapters outline everything from clothing to spices and even perfumes. While most have several nuggets hackmasster truth in them, few if any encompass what being a Gamesmaster is all about.

These rules are somehow even more egregious than the fumble because they take something as exciting as a critical hit and manage to make it incredibly painful.

HACKMASTER Part 2, One Gamemaster’s Guide to rule them all!

The spellcasting chapter is both interesting and complex. Table of Contents Chapter One: The font is tight and the margins small. Being a GM is not necessarily intuitive. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

They do not discourage roleplaying and they fully acknowledge the marriage of their game to a tactical mindset. The GMG is all black. Back then, Hackmaster was required to be more of a parody game, but it was still the most fun RPG experience I’ve ever had.