Apr 28, Guthrie Govan – Shawn Lane style licks lesson. When you want to play altered jazz guitar lines over a dominant 7th chord, there is an easy and efficient good option which consists of playing a major triad. [MEDIA] “There will never be another Shawn Lane” Govan did a series of lessons on Shawn’s style in a UK guitar mag a fw years ago iirc.

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EVH still has it going on and he might be in the best shape of his life now, hard to believe. At around the 3: Even just from a time perspective, the amount of time to listen to all guthris it and pick your favorites is just immense. StealthdjentsticSep 12, If you have limitless ideas then you need, and are more likely to develop, limitless technique to express them.

I have a 3 year old son who is very interested in guitars especially flying vs but I cant imagine any 3 year old having the patience to learn anything. That dude is fucking incredible. Oh you didn’t know? Yeah there’s always guitarists that just grab you, for me the main ones are Tommy Emmanuel and Guthrie Govan.

Search Media New Media. His mastery of melody and technique is quite, quite rare.

Shawn Lane – Lane’s Licks (by Guthrie Govan).pdf – [PDF Document]

He played with a band too. Kiko Loureiro and Rick Graham are two people who immediately come to mind that I would consider at least on par with Guthrie. The full show that your second video is a part of is truly amazing. He’s perhaps my favorite guitarist ever. There are countless other shredders out there that can do the same stuff and more.


What artists are you listening to currently and how do they inspire you? Gutyrie wanted to dispel the idea of metal being his genre.

Guthrie Govan on Shawn Lane

Eric Johnson is phenom yet, I still think he’s hit that progression plateau. They are both in their own league. February at guthire I was lucky enough to see tommy emmanuel live, best gig I’ve been too.

In that particular band, most of the sounds were electronic and the mix was very busy in places, so I found that NI Guitar Rig seemed to work particularly well: Excuse me sir but I’d like to know if you have a minute to talk about our lord and savior Paul Gilbert.

To me, Guthrie is as close as it gets to Shawn Lane for any living guitarist on this planet currently in how he just approaches the instrument in a unique mindset like Lane did. It’s going to be fun watching him for a shasn long time.

Shawn Lane – Lane’s Licks (by Guthrie Govan).pdf

I can see him being like Jeff Beck when he is Remember that everyone is a beginner at some point. He also has a sense of wisdom and agreeableness that other virtuosos sometimes lack.

Your content will be removed!!! He is definitely in the upper echelon of technical players, but I don’t think he is “in a league of his own” as far as technique goes. Shawn was the best, good to see him getting props.



He says he doesn’t like it and so there is no way he’s practiced it to be able to do what people who have sweep as one of their core techniques can do. Sure he was an unbelievable player but it was his relentless creativity and ability to handle weird problems on the spot while playing that was different.

How much of what you compose is influenced by your technique? Please report any comments or posts violating these rules. Also, I’m absolutely in love with his signature Charvel.

And this recent video from a Hans Zimmer concert. I have to try — rightly or wrongly, my natural instinct is to freak out a little bit whenever I see that everyone in the front row is filming, and that instinct would undoubtedly have an adverse effect on my playing if I allowed it shxwn.

I’ve taught plenty of guitar lessons to younger kids.

Fast passages can evoke emotion just as much at least in those of us who like it as Jimi Hendrix doing a soulful bend. In an ideal world, I think the artist would have the sole right to determine which clips end up online: