GURPS, Warehouse 23, and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. GURPS WWII, Pyramid, and the names of. GURPS WWII (World War 2) [Gene Seabolt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Within these pages you’ll find a complete game, including. Your Finest Hour. Join the Greatest Generation as GURPS explores the defining event of the 20th century – World War II. GURPS WWII provides an overview of.

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Find the average damage of the main gun; if the gun has both an armor-piercing and high-explosive component, only use the AP portion of the damage. Also, I’m simply treating “tracks” as “skirts. Army and Marines were the backbone of the Allied war effort.

Warehouse 23 – GURPS WWII Core Rulebook

I have not tested it for SP artillery, and it probably doesn’t work for them. Since that’s probably for a mm piece, it might be reasonable to assign a TS to artillery equal to it’s bore.

Rally under the banner of Il Duce and explore the quixotic Italian war today! Mortars, being much shorter ranged than howitzers and cannons, would probably have a TS of half bore.

Explore the defining conflict of the 20th century in this, the first in a comprehensive line of sourcebooks. Light bomber crew point. So, keep your chin up and get your lads in the thick of it – sharpish!

Frozen Hell covers all of the Finnish involvement in WWII, from the struggles of the diplomats through the sacrifices of soldiers on both sides of the wars. This list is by no means exhaustive. The result is the TS of the vehicle.


This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy. From Free French on the front lines to the fabled Resistance, there are plenty of great roleplaying opportunities, even in the shadow of Nazi occupation. With the attention to detail and historical accuracy that GURPS is known for, Dogfaces gives you all the information you need for roleplaying this vital part of mankind’s greatest conflict. From the Berlin councils that launched Germany’s armies, to the snow-swept Russian plains where they bled dry.

Nothing ever panned out and the character was never run. They were the dogfaces. Strap on your skis and scrounge for ammo to fight for young Finland’s continued freedom, or join the Russian armies trying to secure their border from German attack. This only covers the Very Small to Colossal tank chassis. All rights are reserved by SJ Games.

GURPS World War 2 – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

All the King’s Men! This seems to work reasonably well for tanks and tank destroyers. Divide the front turret DR by ten. If the main gun is not in a fully rotating mount eg, a Hetzer or StuGdivide that result by two.

Japanese WW2 Small Arms. Within these pages you’ll find a complete game, including: Add the firepower, armor and mobility components, then divide by yurps.

GURPS WWII Core Rulebook

Here is how each component breaks down: RPG, tabletop, or online. Watch as the storm clouds gather over Europe in the late ’30s. Whether it’s storming the beaches of Normandy, outdueling German tanks in the Yurps, or retaking the Pacific island by island, the infantry, armor, and artillerymen of the U. I had originally created this character to run wq2 a PC in a friend’s adventure which I was also going to try to convince him to run.


From the initial attacks on the bridges and fortresses, through the evacuation of Gurpd forces at Dunkirk and the beginnings of the French Resistance, Blitzkrieg is modeled more along the lines of an adventure module. All the Kings Men “Winston Churchill promised the British forces would “never give up, never surrender.

Gufps these rules, you can launch any sort of action using the war as the backdrop – from grittily realistic shootouts in the shattered streets of Stalingrad to costumed supers rampaging through panzer divisions in defense of country and flag – or anything else you can imagine! I probably would not make a distinction between towed and SP artillery for mass combat — that’s more of a strategic distinction than tactical one.

Nazi mystic archmages, SS super-“human” troops, secret antarctic bases, “foo fighters” — and that’s just what the Gugps was up to!