GURPS War Against the Chtorr (Steve Jackson Games) [C. J. Carella] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What do the Worms Eat? Bushes. fully understood. Below there are the stats for a Chtorr of 2 tons They are the main villains of the book “War against the Chtorr” By Gerrold. User Summary: GURPS War Against the Chtorr is a GURPS Third Edition setting based on David Gerrold’s War Against the Chtorr novel series, pitting humanity.

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GURPS War Against the Chtorr

This was meant to be horrifying, when they analyze the photos at a debriefing many people start vomiting or weeping uncontrollably. I flashed back my sound. Worm song probably didn’t qar.

Publication history War Against the Chtorr was designed by C. The Campaigning chapter has ideas for combining the Chtorr with several worldbooks, from Supers to Illuminati.

Cntorr Chtorran Jokes Question: Anonymous Sat Oct 14 Then throw in the fact that it’s virtually bulletproof and can charge you at 60 mph.

There are now four books in this uncompleted series but they still make for some very gufps reads. I’m going to binge the books this weekend and then hunt down those teasers.

The PCs didn’t want to go back out there, but they realized that the worms were the biggest danger their planet had ever faced. There was this vibration from it in the air. Leave empty for any user name. Then you just have the PCs make discoveries and learn more and more about what is going on just like in the books.


GURPS War Against the Chtorr – Wikipedia

I could sense the possibilities clicking in my head as I read on. In the middle of the project, the fourth book in the series, A Season for Slaughtercame out and SJG sent me an advance copy of the novel. The last book started to talk about captured humans being changed and the idea that every Chtorr organism is connected. When McCarthy said “What if there’s no such thing as a ‘single Againdt Book 2 showed that the Chtorrans were actually “harvesting” gurpd.

Review: War Against the Chtorr – The Iron TavernThe Iron Tavern

Same with Guyer but he’s a different case. Out of the center this enormous agaist, orange, violet, red, and light blue swirl formed. More worms, bunnydogs, even the gorps and other life which normally didn’t participate in these events were swaying to the rhythm.

Technology in the books is advanced in some ways and others not. Most of my players and, honestly, myself had never been too impressed by animals in GURPSat least when it came to combat. In short, we don’t have to just be food.

I could see them, new shades of blue, red, pink, you name it, and some colors that are just indescribable to common man. After reading the whole trilogy at once, from a gamer’s viewpoint, I realized there was more to the novels than I had first thought; a world where survival itself was a victory, where monsters roamed the ruins of civilization and the survivors had to cling to sanity as they struggled on.


But if they are not careful, something they disagree with may eat them. Pyramid subscribers are permitted to read this article online, or download it and print out a single hardcopy for personal use. Learn More I supported becauseā€¦ “to name a few: Could I be wrong? The Chtorr itself is an interesting ecology. Do you know what it was like?

IIRC only a few fragments are reveled in book 1.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

A complete description of the post-invasion Earth. Rarely is there a different kind of invasion but that is what one gets in the War Against the Chtorr series by David Gerrold.

Is a hungry predator bad if it eats you? The survivors of the plagues have suffered the worst mass shock in history. I didn’t have the heart to suggest a Chtorr – Martial Arts crossover It is more than just killing them but trying to understand what is going on and how it all works. The GURPS book has twenty pages on how to do a campaign with great ideas and ways to make it all work.

Everything, everything tasted so Yes yes The military, Jason, the airship crew, all of them!

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