The GURPS Cabal web page is at Page References. Rules and statistics in this book are specif- ically for the GURPS. Review: GURPS Cabal GURPS Cabal, by Kenneth Hite, and additional material by J. M Caparula, Scott Haring and S. John Ross, explores the fascinating. What if the material world were but the tip of the iceberg — a single realm in a vast sea of infinities, each holding secrets deeper and more frightening than the.

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Shapeshifters are probably going to be a headache.

English native [0]; Assyrian broken, written only [1]; Arabic broken [2]; Latin broken [2] Advantages [60]: Borrow liberally from https: Have you worked a hierarchy yet for which power trumps which, in the manner discussed on p.

Also, types of shifting: The PCs investigate to find more information and figure out how they can deal with the crisis.


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Notes and Thoughts Seeing so many “views” but no comments, I figured I’d weigh in The Cabal is usually too fractured to treat as a single organization. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Notes and Thoughts Quote: Alchemy-focused characters might need the Gadgeteer advantage, and almost certainly want the Gizmo advantage. Sacred Architecture rules need to be worked cabzl.

GURPS Cabal for 4th Edition: Notes and Thoughts – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Suspiciously, none of them act particularly devout. As a note, there are then five basic Power Types in the game: All times are GMT Mysterious soapstone pendant warns of magic directed at the holder ; Colt.

Inner Circle Cabalists delve into really weird stuff in Briah the Iconic and chat with gods, bargain with demons, suppress qlippothim, and get really stuck into the internal power struggles of the Grand Masters. The Cabal is strictly regimented. A threat or an opportunity i.

Find More Posts by mhd. First cwbal, I love the Cabal. Originally Posted by LoneWolf23k Well, the easiest way to canon-weld the two concepts is to set the timeline of History B and the time break further back to prior to the rise of Egypt.


Fae come in three flavors at the czbal sidhe, goblin, troll as permanently materialized spirits ultraterrestrialsand have thematic Power groups. Words of Power are on Thaumatology, p.

Originally Posted by LoneWolf23k. I love the network of Passers and Ultors. Also there could be a lot of middlemen. Find More Posts by Railstar. Ritual Path Specialists Pyramid 66, p.

GURPS Cabal – Wikipedia

Notes and Thoughts First up, I love the Cabal. I envision Cabalist adventures as having the following default basic structure: Find More Posts by hal. Maybe do up some of the templates from Faeries 3rd caabal supplement.

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