Guarddog is user friendly firewall management utility for KDE on Linux. It allows you to simply specify which protocols should be allowed. PDF | The purpose of this coursework is to study one of the famous firewall which is called guarddog. Guarddog is a user-friendly Linux firewall. GuardDog is user-friendly firewall generation and management utility for KDE on Linux.

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Find More Posts by Tinkster. Now requires KDE 2. Directly enter port values when you need to poke a hole through the firewall. All times are GMT A first draft for the tutorial and the Questions and Answers section has been written.

GuardDog 2.4.0

If it is the first time installation, you may get an error message like below. See the changelog for the details. Thanks to Matthew Schick. Added option to always Reject Auth requests.

Even though I’ve been busy, it would be shame to let the work and contributions from the community be wasted. I don’t expect any more big changes. Generated firewalls are yuarddog tighter, only opening the Local Port range instead of all non-privileged ports where appropriate. Details in the log – SBE. Do take a look at it.

Guarddog Firewall | Linux App Finder

This has happened to me using Mandrake 8. If anyone is installing the development Guarddog version on thier machine and does something other than “configure, make, make install” to get Guarddog 2 working, could you please send me an email explaining which Linux guadrdog and version of KDE you are using, and also what you had to do to get Guarddog working.


Unless something really bad is discovered, I will move the project into a kind of beta testing phase soon. The screenshots have been updated so go have a look. An RPM for Mandrake 8 is now in the download section. I’ve never done any testing in quite this way before.

When I get time I intend to install Mandrake 7. Small changes and updates to the documentation and translation. It basically depends on how the testing goes and how long it takes for me to finish writing the manual and documenting the protocol help.

After having gotten to know netfilter and iptables I can say that ‘they’ have done an amazing job on the new packet filtering system in Linux kernel 2.

If you need to reset your password, click here. Click on Internet and click on Guarddog New Topics. Manual is much more complete now. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest.

This extra functionality was contributed by Ray Lambert. Only a few additions have been made to the documentation, but everything is in good enough condition that I can call this 1.

Review your favorite Firewalk distribution. As always go read the changelog for the full details.


More info is in the Change Log. The other tutorial is here. Do I have to take it off by using ” sudo apt-get remove”?

MEPIS Linux Thunderbird EMail Blocked By Guarddog Firewall

Thanks again to Per Larsson. It’s the best way you can help move Guarddog to version 2. They are version 1. I intend Guarddog to be a firewall and not a general purpose packet mangler. It doesn’t contain any significant changes from 2.

The change log is here BTW. Now has a tutorial and FAQ section. There are also some extra translations contributed by numerous people. Unfortunately I don’t have the resources to develop and test such a tool. Some distributions install KDE2 in wierd places. There is also a “scoreboard” on the testing page which shows the current state of each guarddov supported by Guarddog.

Steps to install Guarddog Firewall on your computer To do this, follow the instructions provided below.

MEPIS Linux Thunderbird EMail Blocked By Guarddog Firewall – Thoughts by CULLY

Find More Posts by carioca. And I polished it just a tiny little bit. If anyone has Guarddog packages and they are not on this page, then send firewaol an email.