Gringa (2 Book Series) by Eve Rabi. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: ” There are men who make you want to rescue them, protect them, save them – he . Beast of Mine – Dark fairy tales can come true too (Book 3): A romantic suspense, romantic crime thriller about dark and t by Eve Rabi (September 2, ). Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Have you got Eve’s Rabi’s free books? If you haven’t, pop over to and download four free books! Yes, that’s.

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What are you scared of? This book was a joy to read. I was his Gringa and in an attempt to get my love, he began to change for me.

I gag but she just shoves it down my throat. I rack my brain.

Kira Huyghue June 12, at 6: I hate the thought of treading there — Diablo ragi me there, remember? Hi Eve I have just finished reading all the Gringa series, and I loved them.


Until I found Juan.

Throughout my climb, I worry about plunging to my death. This is a work of fiction. The books are really”page turners”.

GRINGA – Since you’ve Been Gone by Eve Rabi

There are plenty of twists and turns in ths book to keep you guessing. This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. She nods slowly, her eyes ebe. It was also filled with laughter, love and passion and most importantly, it taught me that love conquers all.


Tight-fitting sweater with low-slung jeans tucked into brown, mid-calf boots. And they share it with foreigners too, so that makes them really, really hospitable to me. What the hell …? Hi Teresa thank you so much for your followings! The flamethrower mutterers angrily when Diablo raises a calloused hand. Read it awhile ago and forgot to rate it. Three months since my rebirth, since the asswipe tried to kill me.

Anyway, this book showed how a relationship built on domination and manipulation can change into a heartbreaking love story. They bow before him. Please send me the alternative ending. I mean, what exactly did you do to him? Really, love does conquer all!! My father exhales loudly and looks even more pained. I read it all in one sitting. Here was a man who actually wanted me and was willing to do whatever it took to get me — how the hell could I not be flattered? Just come with me, baby girl.


The villagers let out an anguished roar as the flamethrower takes three steps back.

He was rough around the edges ny the threatening to kill Payet on every time she rattle his feathers, but it was very enjoyable, because she wasnot afraid of him.

For seven long seconds nothing happens and I stare, mesmerised by his finger hovering over the trigger. Well, it has to be something expensive.

I gape at Enfermera over his shoulder. She claps her hands. Now, I have a fair understanding of Spanish, although I have trouble speaking it. Christa is talking to Diablo now. I quickly turn away.