Petzl has made an effort to educate users, but the bad habits of devotees are difficult to break, and with the release of the Grigri 2 in Video by Petzl – The hand position we showed for belaying with the Grigri 2 in our March issue. Victim. GRIGRI EXPERIENCE. • Read the instructions for use carefully before looking at the following techniques. • You must have already read and understood.

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Petzl GriGri 2 Review A long standing popular choice that continues to set the standard for assisted braking belay devices. I have never Said that but it us a fact that many do it which is not good.

Petzl GRIGRI 2 User Manual – Download

The belay mistake in the latest video is not so big but anyhow strange that the it did pass through. The biggest problem with the video is the mistake Matt from Epic TV does and another problem is of course that Petzl do not follow up such video to make everything right.

You can still provide a soft catch though with attentive belaying and by easing yourself off the ground as you receive the force of a fall. It has a smooth assisted locking mechanism and is universally recognizable. Without having statistics I would assume that the most accidents that happen with the grigri are when lowering and death gripping the lowering handle in open position. According to Petzl, you should use your fingers and not the thumb for adjusting the speed coming down.

In the video they use the grigri2 plus with the anti panic feature so it doesnt matter beside of that many viewers are still belaying with older versions During my session in the gym I could not experience the “slip-mechanism” as described in the article.

The Matik is better than the Grigri up to 9. I think Steve’s method is OK. I don’t understand how it’s possible to unintentlionally let your climbingpartner fall while using a partly-automatic belay device that in function and design is a standard tuber, your belay device of choice? In the case of a fall with Steve’s method you first have to let go of the grigri, and grip the rope. Some years ago, I forced Petzl to delete their own video with visits as it was dead wrong.


Once your partner stands on the ground it takes some time until you learn how to easily feed out that extra slack. Unfortunately this device is a right-hand dominant one. If you’ve always driven a car with manual gearbox, then you should not break with your left foot. Much more intuitive to hold the rope in the hand once you feed out.

Also he is too far away from the wall when the climber is so close to the ground. On a long multi-pitch route this difference could save you tons of energy and reduce the chance of overuse injuries to your elbows or shoulders.

Did it happen while lowering?

Last-Minute Gear From Amazon. In this video it’s hard to see wether McClure really grabs the bottom of the grigri with his fingers, but I believe he does not.

Topic: Do you spot the belay mistake in the Grigri instruction video? – Forums

If yes, please enlighten us, cause I could absolutely not spot any critical mistakes And yes, Petzl-sponsored athlete and climbing legend Chris Sharma was there mnaual climb and chat with us. You mean the part when McClure explained how he uses the GriGri? Of course you should never let go if the braking hand.

The GriGri 2 is a single strand device, so for two strand rappels, you’ll need a separate device like the Petzl Verso or Reverso. Too bad manula nobody use the technique. Feeding slack to a leader is smoother and easier with the GriGri 2 than with the most of the other assisted braking options.


Both hands stay on the rope and arrest a fall by locking back on the free end of the rope. November 20, Gifts for Climbers: Graham takes the relay from Natalija Gros Who to believe Nope, pretty sure he is not doing anything wrong there. Or what if you need to jug up to help your climber get back to the last bolt she clipped after a fall?

I kanual how you bombastically conclude that “the Matik is better than the Grigri” in the heading, and then, in the bottom of the text, you end up saying that more testing is necessary to be sure.

For those who have used the GriGri 2 safely for years, it may still manuao the best choice, offering excellent performance from catching manal to lowering partners, feeding slack, and multi-pitch belays. My personal experience with the Matik I used it for one session lately is very positive. Paul and his team fused a belay device with the Stop, a self-braking descender made by Fernand Petzl in The Grigri has been the leading belay device for over 20 years and manua.

Whether for cragging or even on a multi-pitch, the GriGri 2 remains one of our favorite devices. I think it could possibly become “the new GriGri”, as, at least I think so, it will be a bit easier to handle for beginners in this belaying device category.

Performance Comparison The tried and true GriGri 2 remains a high-performing and popular belay device. Let the bodies it the floor! The Grjgri 2 is still one of our favorite all-around assisted braking devices. Steve’s grip does two things wrong. The first time I used Mammut Smart my partner almost fell to the ground from the fifth or sixth bolt.