Ecocriticism explores the ways in which we imagine and portray the relationship between humans and the environment in all areas of cultural production, from. This text is one of the first introductory guides to the field of literary ecological criticism. It is the ideal handbook for all students new to the disciplines of literature. Ecocriticism has ratings and 31 reviews. Ariya said: I had been dodging around this book for several months, and able to finish it by the end of the.

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Feminism, postcolonialism, and critical race studies though not Marxism, curiously have transformed the curriculum in Anglophone universities. I found it intense; idea follows idea in quick succession so that just when you think you have read something profound yet another profundity Not a book for the casual reader, this is an academic work. Concise, clear, and authoritative, Garrsrd offers the ideal introduction to this crucial subject for students of literary and cultural studies.

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Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. Half the time it felt like reading a bunch of synopses more than a guide to ecocriticism in general and it’s sometimes hard to tell whether he’s explaining someone’s opinion garrwrd it or if it’s a more generally accepted method. His essay joins in the crucial work of opening ecocritical discussion on digital media, as yet only just begun, while at p.

He includes an interdisciplinary hit parade of scholars and writers whose contributions to ecological thought are unquestioned including Raymond Williams, William Cronon, and Bill McKibben.

This is really an overview of the field, gathering a range of ideas from a variety of sources to provide an effective introduction to the field of ecocriticism. China brings to sharp focus the dilemmas of both environmentalism and ecocriticism today: Literatures of the Environment. Such self-conscious organization also, inevitably, draws attention to the problems of coverage highlighted by Gaard.

Garrrd 14, Nasreddine EL Guezar rated it liked it.

Queer Theory and the Death Drive. There are a lot of literary examples that obscure the more important concepts. Refresh and try again.


It ecocritocism basically an overview, and didn’t quite go into detail as much as I expected. The section on the “Ecological Indian” stereotype was especially eye-opening for me; I had not realized like many in our culture to what extent this notion is both historically i Very eye-opening.

In Japan, though, as she also shows, all three stages emerged in quick succession and continue to overlap.

Introduction – Oxford Handbooks

Du Bois at the Grand Canyon: This is a highly readable, comprehensive introduction to ecocriticism. He shows in detail why, as Trexler has already suggested, climate change poses a particular challenge for existing literary genres, but he also expresses a hope, nursed presumably by many scholars but seldom openly acknowledged, that ecocritical criteria of value might extend beyond academic criticism to influence cultural debate more widely.

Nixon ends the Handbook on an upbeat note, but it is hard-won; lived as well as known; and far from utopian. A solid introduction to the field of ecocritcism. Much of it seems to her to be old-fashioned and nostalgic writing about nature under a new, trendy name. For those interested in a detailed explanation of eco-crit and its varying schools of thought and approaches, Garrard’s Ecocritisism is a must read.

Apr 30, Steen Ledet rated it really liked it. Nov 14, Gavin Malavolta rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is especially important, then, that Knickerbocker teases out the vestiges of conservative environmentalism, and conveys the pleasures and possibilities of the participatory, anti-commercial vibe of old-time music. Last Child in the Woods: What is contested in such historical work is the intellectual or aesthetic genealogy of either environmental crisis or the movements that seek to address it.

As with critical animal studies, there are points of tension as well as overlap: The frame of reference of the article is explicitly Romantic: If you need to learn what ecocriticism is, this book is it. Humans are still seen as fallen creatures, but from animal plenitude not divine grace.

At the same time, though, Alaimo criticizes the denial of entanglement of human and nonhuman agencies in popular representations of the deep seas.


A worthy counterpart to this Handbook, which seeks to witness the breadth and diversity of ecocriticism, might be a consensus statement—as brief as the time and attention span of politicians is restricted—that explains what we do and why it matters. Coetzee and Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man. Two strands of German ecocritical theory are discussed in more detail: Greg Garrard’s animated and accessible volume traces the development of the movement and explores the concepts which have most occupied ecocritics, including: The decentering effect of centrifugal criticism has been accelerated in recent years by the subversive energies introduced by encounters garrrd deconstruction and queer theory.


In his contribution to the Handbook Lawrence Buell, the Dean of American ecocriticism, brings to bear on this key genre the seemingly effortless eloquence and insight that are his trademarks.

Ironically the Romantics have, in some accounts, been taken to exemplify exactly garrard kinds of fantasies. At the same time, though, Chinese ecocritics are doing grreg research at a time of unprecedented, unconstrained—probably unconstrainable—economic and gwrrard growth. Interest in issues of colonialism and postcolonialism went beyond the authors commissioned to write on it specifically, encompassing DeLoughrey, Paravisini-Gebert, Nixon, Mukherjee, Trexler, and Rangarajan.

Not a book for the casual reader, this is an academic work. Published August 24th by Routledge first published January 1st Ariel rated it really liked it Jul 13, Along with important recent collections OppermannEstok and Kimthese surveys contribute garard the gradual overturning of Anglo-American dominance, which many ecocritics see as intellectually limiting ecocriticiam politically problematic. It brings up some interesting points, but overall this is a rather boring book to read.

Introduction Abstract and Keywords Ecocriticism began as an environmentalist literary movement that challenged Marxists and New Historicists over the meaning and significance of British Romanticism. Myth Laurence Coupe No preview available – Lists with This Book. References to this book Myth Laurence Coupe No preview available – Marilyn Butler is quoted speaking of the new movement with patrician curiosity and indulgence. Greg Ecocriticis, animated and accessible volume traces Publications Pages Publications Pages.

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