PDF | Grasscutter farming technology was introduced in Africa as an antidote to reduce hunting Ghana where farmers had opportunities to be trained. Ghana’s main sources of animal protein are fish, livestock and bush meat. Grasscutter production in Ghana was started by Asibey and also the Game and. Grasscutter farming is great if you have a space as small as a room, parking store or kitchen. They are very little trouble; they can get most or all.

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Most of the NGOs target women and the youth as their clients to support in grasscutter farming. Educational status of respondents.

The most commonly consumed species of game meat by those living in rural areas is the grasscutter Asibey Most productiin the farmers who adopted grasscutter farming were adults, followed by the youth and then the aged. Recently, Teklewold et al made the same observation in poultry.

The questionnaire was constructed to elicit the following information from farmers: According to Pantanalimale adults are the sole decision-makers in most farming communities. The market for both fresh and smoked grasscutter meat is unlimited Kabir To start with, snail farming is gaining momentum fast in Ghana. This is in line with the NGOs objective of reducing poverty among rural or urban farmers by providing them with requisite skills in grasscutter keeping.

Subscribe to watch new videos. Mature grasscutters fight and even kill each other as their colonies are like family. Dynamics of the adoption and diffusion of an innovation in rural Ethiopia.


Past, Present and Future. He said the grass-cutter meat had high nutritional value with high patronage if it was properly processed for sale and therefore urged the farmers to expand their farms to increase production for the Ghanaian market.


For the cages, you need to use wire mesh on the sides as the rodents can chew up all other organic options. Adoption is significantly influenced by labour so potential adopters with small families are pfoduction to shy away from adopting innovation.

The respondents even confessed that most of the inhabitants would have wished to benefit from the grasscutter training program but financial commitment involved was their main concern.

Information was gathered through questionnaires, field observations and interviews. Educational status The respondents were grouped into four; illiterate, basic school leaver, secondary and tertiary school leavers Table 5.

Grass-cutter farmers urged to increase production | Ghana News Agency (GNA)

For instance, feeding cutting of grasscleaning and handling were identified as aspects of grasscutter keeping which were labour intensive. Facebook Twitter Google Print Email. Box 40, Mampong-Ashanti, Ghana sayannor yahoo. Age of respondents years. Despite the low initial capital outlay of the grasscutter industry and the subsidies provided by NGOs, some farmers do not adopt or go into production when introduced to the innovation.

The result of their work indicated that male household heads were potential adopters of exotic poultry breed than female farmers. In view of this, grasscuter adopters may want to depend on family labour than to hire, for possible reduction in the cost of production. The demand for grasscutter meat in Ghana is high with its accompanying price hikes. Lack of breeding stock and initial capital required to purchase breeding stock and cages were found to be constraints.

Dr Adu was speaking at a four-day training workshop on grass-cutter rearing for some selected grass-cutter farmers from the Birim Central and Kwahu West Municipalities and Kwahu South District at Nkawkaw. Citation of this paper. Economic Development and Cultural Change However, this trend is changing because in recent times, illiterates, school drop outs and basic school leavers learn from educated people in the society to effect economic change in their lives.


Brong Ahafo is the second largest region of the country with a population of 1, representing 9.


Octoberproductjon, Sunyani, Ghana. Labour is said to be partly responsible for non-adoption, probably, due to the financial commitment involved. While grass can be directly fed, other feeds like sugarcane need to be cut into smaller pieces for easier consumption. This means that farmers who are learned, that is, those grawscutter can read, understand and analyze issues are more capable of adopting a technology and vice versa. The Economics of Wild Life: Having a manual on grasscutter farming and management gives one confidence as they start out and is a must have for anyone seeking to make profit out of this venture.

In the modern Ghana, it is now easy to grasscutyer farm animals online. The best cities to visit in Denmark The best cities to visit in Denmark 15 surprisingly cheap bodybuilding foods for guys in Ghana 15 surprisingly cheap bodybuilding foods for guys in Ghana. According to Rogersthe culture within the social system and the individuals who make up the social system can affect the diffusion ghhana new ideas.

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