Lactómetro de Quevenne. b. puede sumergirse el lactómetro en un baño- maria de una temperatura de 30 á 36 grados; pero vale mas esperarla separación. Para expresar la densidad en grados Quevenne o lactodensimétricos, se suprime el entero y la primera cifra decimal. Así, una densidad de. Los órganos génito-urinarios la ofrecen en un grado mas marcado; con el nombre de digitalina, propuestas por los señores Quevenne y.

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The attendance upon the two race tracks of Buenos Aires aver- ages 1, people per year. Coming suddenly by train out of the darkness into the broad belt of brilliant light crossing the avenue of palms, catching a rapid glimpse as you rush by of the endless string of carriages and figures on horseback, is like taking a momentary peep into fairyland.

Meaning of “lactómetro” in the Spanish dictionary

All those desiring to figure in public life must begin by showing what they are capable of accomplishing, and the best way to do so is to write on some topic of general interest, deliver a speech, or publish a book. Unlike what happened in the colonies which subsequently became the United States of America, the Spanish colonies of the New World saw themselves submitted from the very beginning of their existence to a system of personal government, in which the authority of the chief ruler, whether Viceroy, Captain-General, or merely self- appointed leader, was paramount even to the Crown itself Foreign immigration as well as intercourse, commercial or otherwise, with foreign nations, was forbidden under severe penalties.

These colonies have each an area of 24, acres, and are divided into lots of In the city of La Plata, capital of the Province, there is a court of appeals, a court of first instance in civil and commercial mat- ters, and a court of first instance in criminal matters. The gold, silver, and copper mines, situ- ated near Famatina and Chilecito, constitute the principal source of wealth of the Province.


The census taken in showed that it had at that time, 66, inhabitants.

The task of achieving independence was not an easy one. Roca, in 1that cleared the territory of all wild Indians, subjugating those that until then had resisted the authority of the National Government, the Terri- tory of La Pampa made great progress, many important estancias, where great quantities of cattle and sheep are raised, having been established there.

There are no private institutions which confer degrees for the practice of the liberal professions, and all foreign graduates of colleges wishing to practice in the Argentine Republic must submit to an examination in Spanish before the authorities of the universities, which examination must be approved by the said authorities before granting the diploma that authorizes the appli- cant to practice his profession.

Import Duties of the Argentine Republic. Several old structures are yet to be found, the rental of which is sufficient to satisfv their owners, who do not care to go to the expense of building new houses. The modern dairy establishments are unknown to them.

Many houses, the principal streets, and Palermo Park are lighted with electric light.

Tratado metódico y práctico de Materia Médica y de Terapéutica, tomo primero

A great quantity of maize is employed by the different distil- leries established in the Province, a fact which contributed to make the crop too small for the internal needs of the province. The national territories, whose population exceeds 30, in- habitants, have the right to elect a legislature, composed of delegates fi-om the municipal qievenne — one member for every 2, inhabitants or fi-action thereof above 1, inhabitants, their term of oflace being three years.

I9 governments comprise the whole of Patagoniaand the territorial government of Tierra del Fuego. Commercial Directory of Chile.

On the following page, will be found the price list They stand until the sailors knock them on the head, ten of them sufficing to produce a gallon of oil. Its area is 1, square miles and its population is between four and five millions. The rapid increase’ of the cultivated area has, of late, remedied this evil, permitting wheat, maize, and other cereals to be exported fi-om Buenos Aires as well as quegenne other Provinces.


Tratado metódico y práctico de Materia Médica y de Terapéutica, tomo primero – Free Ebook

It was not, however, easily kept. The city of Tucu- man is, in one respect, the Philadelphia of the Argentine Republic, the declaration of independence having been made in that city on grdaos 9th of July, The Argentine part of the island is mountainous in the western and central parts, but in the east is a plain.

The great majority of houses built lately are three or four stories high without including the basements. Commercial Directory of Central America.

In its organic configuration, it is similar to the Province of Jujuy, being mountainous quevvenne some parts and having also some very fertile regions in which the pastoral and agricultural industries flourish. The President can commute sentences and pardon those under- going them.

Weights, and Measures of the Ameri- can Republics, 6. It is necessary to remark here that in over 10, houses were, without water connection, and that when the connection is made, queevenne consumption of running water per inhabitant will be much, greater than at present.

It was founded in The city of Catamarca, the capital of the Province, is situated on the banks of the del Valle River, and uqevenne population is about 10, inhabitants. Besides the foregoing, there are the Boca port works, 2 miles south of the city, which were begun in Import Duties of Peru.