Abstract:: Purpose: Despite an insidious onset without symptoms, patients with open–angle glaucoma (OAG) may experience difficulty with daily activities from. Purpose.: To investigate, using Rasch analysis, whether the item Glaucoma Quality of Life (GQL) forms a valid scale and to optimize. Abbreviation / Long Form: GQL / Glaucoma Quality of Life Questionnaire Abbreviation: GQL (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation). Long Form: Glaucoma.

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Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. Item response scores of the GQL were added to obtain the summary scores.

Evaluation of the relationship between quality of vision and visual function in Japanese glaucoma patients. Tripping over objects 9.

The QOL of glaucoma patients being managed in Lagos University Teaching Hospital and an equal number of controls matched for age and sex was assessed using two vision-specific instruments: Developing an instrument for assessing problems in everyday visual tasks. Patrick DL, Deyo R. Conclusion The GQL and the NEIVFQ25 questionnaires showed high internal consistency, correlated strongly with each other, and were reliable in the assessment of glaucoma patients in this study.

McAlindenNone; M. The data were analyzed in two phases: In Rasch analysis, measurement precision of an instrument is denoted by person separation.

A brief index of glaucoma-specific symptoms.

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Please review our privacy policy. Support Center Support Center. The impact of visual field loss was stronger in the worse eye than in the better eye on the GAL-9 score. Participants were not informed that two different QOL instruments were being administered.


This suggests that assessment of QOL should be done at the onset of the disease whether or not there is documentation of visual loss preperimetric glaucoma. There is also a clear decrease in QOL when mild cases are compared to questionnqire. Misfitting items should be removed to reduce noise and to optimize the psychometric properties of an instrument. This study shows that the GQL functions within the Rasch model in terms of measurement precision, response category functioning, and Queztionnaire.

Glaucoma Quality of Life Questionnaire (GQL) – Allie: Abbreviation / Long Form Info.

However, removing these categories may lead to loss of valuable psychometric information when the instrument is used on patients with higher disability. Purchase this article with an account. Participants who had a history of glaucoma or unexplained blindness in a first-degree relative or who were being managed for systemic illness were also excluded from the study.

The development of an instrument to measure quality of vision: All participants provided written informed consent and the gl-15 of Helsinki October revision qudstionnaire adhered to.

Discussion The two questionnaires had good reliability indices. However, the binocular visual field test was not recorded in our study population. Patients with POAG on medical therapy or gqk-15 who had had trabeculectomy at least 3 months before the study were eligible.


A comparison of the NEIVFQ25 and GQL-15 questionnaires in Nigerian glaucoma patients

It might be a good idea to develop a new comprehensive instrument that addresses holistic issues such as treatment questionnxire and the psychosocial impact of glaucoma or to develop a superior strategy in the form of item banking. Interval-level data not only provide a valid measurement, they enable the use of robust parametric statistics.

For a perfectly targeted instrument, both item and person means lie on the sample point on the map i. Care was taken to reduce any bias that could occur because of translation. Glaucoma in Benin City, Nigeria. Both questionnaires, however, did not detect a significant difference in the QOL scores of patients with mild and moderate glaucoma.

One hundred eighteen glaucoma patients mean age, Validation of a questionnaire for comparing the tolerability of ophthalmic medication. Use of patient-reported outcomes in medical product development: Walking on uneven ground 5.

Although there is no universally accepted definition of vision-related quality of life, there is growing consensus that it should include multidimensional assessment of the impact of vision on everyday activities, emotional well-being, social relationships, and independence. KhadkaNone; K.