Page 1 of 2 – Goff Klan Roster – posted in GORKAMORKA: Hey! I’m back to hobby so I’m going to make some conversions to my new warband. The Caslon font is used for the Warhammer and Mordheim rosters; Caslon Antique – Caslon A roster for Gorkamorka (Zip – Kb) (Requires the Civic font ). Downloads and resources for Games Workshop’s main games – Warhammer and Warhammer – including the Rollcall army building app and ADF files.

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If no Fickies are foraging, ignore the result.

I think you won’t need to change the models that much, but the way you paint them will make quite a bit of difference. Squigz purchased at mob creation are available immediately without the one battle waiting period but any purchased subsequently must undergo the training period.

GorkaMorka Roster Sheets – svenbloodhowl

An Ork riding a Squig moves at 7″. The fighting always starts amongst Fickies but if all of them are already bickering then the Wildboyz tend to wade in to sort things out, usually dragging the Weirdboy with them.

The squiggoth is an exceptionally large squig though not perhaps as large as those fielded by a true Ork Waaagh!!! Over on YakTribe hreikin has been working on a document full of optional vehicle rules in an attempt to create a bit of diversity.

There’s also the 40K plastic ” Lootas and Burnas “: The mysterious driving force behind the town revealed at last. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Firstible I noticed that gorkaorka is not very 40k but then I saw that drawing on 98 page of Da Uvver Book, where gunner has chainmail, so I wont change this.

Powers Weirdboyz begin their time in a Mob with the following powers and can gain more when they gain experience. Da Deff Islands is a rules supplement for Gorkamorka. It also contains a diagram created by Benjamin Fox, covered under the license.


Equipment like wrench or drilla will make it more 40k. His real power however comes from the fear of what he might do to you if you start missing payments on a teef loan Abak generously provided you with.

Please note that the design of the above rosters are copyright of the designer and the Game Systems and logos Copyright Games Workshop. This power has a maximum range of 24″.

Experimental | The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site

When you purchase a Squig for him to ride, the Wildboy misses his next battle while he trains the squig not to kill him and to tolerate him riding it into battle. Snorta Yoofs Cost to recruit: Squig Riderz have a 90 degree fire arc to the front just like a footer. Interestingly one of the gubbinz in the article, Shoutas, actually allows a vehicle to cause Fear.

Strengths What we did find was that their ranged abilities were quite useful, particularly using overwatch and vantage points. So here is roster for Team2: It is up to the Orks in the vicinity to destroy the marauding Dread and put an end to its destructive onslaught. Some Wildboyz go out into the Fungus Groves and attempt to tame these beasts to use as mounts. Once on the ground he runs up the dune, getting close to the scrap. The Boyz fight it out in close combat with all their ususual weapons and equipment.

The following things cause this amusing event: Truck or Wartrak with Rokkit Launcha depending on number. Do you like Free Wargames? The Dust Rats are on the move again, trying to hold onto their advantage. I need to make 2 Boyz with Kannons and that will be the end for now. So to aid the healing process, I present for your consideration, the bounty of the Cognoscenti: Previously fire and burnination was limited to scorchers and the odd splattapult payload but we here at tUGS felt that something as delightfully destructive as fire should appear more often.


Two criminals and their hostages unknowingly seek temporary refuge in an establishment populated by vampires, with chaotic results.

They know all the legends and rumours about what goes on in the desert and can still hold their own in any given gorkajorka. See page 54 of Da Roolz for the statline. Squig are brutal in close combat and give the Rider an additional attack in melee combat.

Snorta Boyz Cost to recruit: Furthermore, Gorkamorka is a trade mark of Games Workshop Ltd. The following gubbinz can be found in the PDF: The events of the battle are making the Squiggoth as stubborn as it is bad tempered. To represent the inconsistent and unreliable roeter of the Spika Rroster, rolling a sustained fire dice suggests it never shoots the gorkamorks way twice; sometimes hurtling two or three bitz at the enemy, sometimes only one, and sometimes things just go horribly horribly wrong.

The smaller of the two is mostly scratch built with the addition of some GW wheels and a couple of bits from a toy tractor. Posted 09 August – Weapons Feral Orks use their own weapons list, found in the Armoury section. Whoever scores the most wins!

Goff Klan Roster

Five Fickies throw rocks at a fort gate. The bigger Feral Orks respect them for the abilities to aid in the capture of dangerous squigs and more recently, their ability to make their enemies stand still and gawp while a foster comes for their head. Arguably the most game-changing concept that carries over is the concept of Heavies. Basically we, the community, are trying to get together a list of issues so that we can make a start on fixing these issues.

I dont have Big Boss but I gues I need one. A Weirdboy of experience can add an additional custom job.

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