WHEN THE GHOST DOG HOWLS centers on another controversy coming from the frightening and bizarre Horrorland gift shop. Given the last. Twelve-year-olds Andy and Marnie had an awesome week in HorrorLand- despite their freaky encounter with Murder the Clown and the zombie mob. Then they. Andy and Marnie buy a magical tooth at the amusement park souvenir shop that can grant wishes and more.

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When The Ghost Dog Howls by R.L. Stine

At first, Andy wishes that he and Marine to be invisible but because of that, they can’t touch anything. He introduces himself as Jonathan Chiller owner of the chiller house.

He still heard howls and searched about the tooth on google, it told him that each wish would send a signal to the dog, so it would follow them to the tooth. Oct 04, Eddie rated it did not like it.

When The Ghost Dog Howls

Andy agrees not knowing about the serious danger that he has put himself in,not knowing that the ghost of the blue kerlew hound is out there searching for its missing tooth,and it would do anything to get it back! Goosebumps HorrorLand 1 – hhe of 19 books. Well maybe that howl or that story isn’t fake. To view it, click here. Aug 29, Holli rated it liked it Shelves: Reading this story howla make you say that too. I finish reading just because I dont want to give up unfinished book.


Jul 19, Becky Bailey rated it it was amazing. Or to anybody who likes R. Aug 30, Liam F. Nov 03, Sharuk Akter rated it liked it. Its about a boy named Andy and his cousin Marnie all ways wanted everything he had.

Marnie and Andy wished that they horrorlahd invisible so the dog couldn’t see them. Robert Lawrence Stine known as R. The dog could still smell them, though.

I recommend this book to anybody who like bone chilling, horror stories. It is very interesting and a good book. This story is about two cousins Marnie and Andy, they are at a theme park called Horrorland, after a show they go to Chillers house shop and Andy finds a horrorlnd tooth, he wants to get it, Chiller tells them the story of the tooth, he said it can grant wishes but they had to be careful not to use it when its wet or they will be ripped to pieces. The opening scene is the two of them traveling around a theme park, and they find hems selves in a gift shop.

Andy and his cousin Marnie are in Horrorland. Or so Andy thought.

Andy decides to buy the tooth,but Chiller warns him that he must never get the tooth wet. When your read a horror story there is always a plot twist that. Not only that his novels dlg digestible, but they give the readers the opportunity to choose the ending for the character s.


Lists with This Book. The tooth is said to grant wishes gopsebumps after a sorcerer cursed the dog’s teeth to fall out only to have one fall out- the tooth Andy know owns.

Goosebumps Horrorland: When the Ghost Dog Howls by Sebastian Nielsen on Prezi

Oct 17, Richard added it. Then He told Marnie to stop also but she didn’t listin. Chiller can now have his fun. They find a place called the chiller house and Andy finds a mystical tooth. With the dog gone, Marine boast that she still has the tooth and is willing to share it with Andy The epilogue is when Andy is back in his room noticing that his little Horror- the free item he got from the shopkeeper but was told he was going to pay back later- is glowing.

The story follows Andy Meadows and his cousin, Marnie who purchase an ancient tooth necklace from the Chiller House. It was amazing,a really good story which is gripping as well as intriguing.