Michael Badnarik has created a constitutional primer that will edify and entertain Good to be King: The Foundation of Our Constitutional Freedom presents a. GOODto be KING GOOD to be KING The Foundation of Our Constitutional Freedom MICHAEL BADNARIK. In his book Good to Be King Badnarik suggests that it is unnecessary to have a driver’s license to drive, that the IRS has no.

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Badnarik spent most of early touring the nation and giving speeches. After the hearing he boarded a car to go to lunch with friends, then slumped over. In NovemberBadnarik was bzdnarik as one of three delegates from the State of Texas to attend the Continental Congress [14] sponsored by the We The People Foundation, [15] and subsequently elected parliamentary president of that body.

Good to Be King. Not all libertarians were happy with Badnarik’s nomination. This book provides readers with the fundamentals of the Constitution by analyzing the legitimate basis for government, and the circumstances that lead to its ratification.

Good to be King | Constitution Preservation

About Michael Contact Info. When he moved to Texas, he did not obtain a driver’s license, due to that state’s requirement that an applicant provide a Social Security Number and fingerprint. Congressman from Texas 14th district goov, in the presidential election. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A must read for newbies to the constitution, and great for those who think they know what is wrong in our goverment.


Abdnarik 11, Emily rated it it was amazing. Badnarik believes that the U. The author then provides a detailed explication of the true meaning of major constitutional provisions and amendments. Retrieved from ” https: Archived from the original on October 21, Trivia Bw Good to Be King: He also illustrates the forgotten tenets of federalism and states’ rights, arguing that federal usurpation of state power has accelerated the loss of our freedoms.

He also illustrates the forgotten tenets of federalism and states’ rights, arguing that federal usurpation of state power has accelerated the loss of our freedoms. District of Columbia Puerto Rico. La Crosse TribuneRetrieved December 24, Pietro rated it it was amazing Jun bzdnarik, Some felt Badnarik would be unable to draw media attention that many had felt Russo would have.

Good to Be King: The Foundation of Our Constitutional Freedom

Archived from the original on February 14, This is an important book that should be read by everyone, especially anyone who wants to understand the libertarian viewpoint.

All of his positions arise from this foundation.

I commend Michael Badnarik for authoring a compelling text on the foundations of liberty in America. Download and read Chapter 2 Rights vs.

Michael Badnarik

No trivia or quizzes yet. Badnarik was viewed as unlikely to win the Libertarian presidential nomination, facing challenges from talk-show host Gary Nolan and Hollywood producer Badharik Russo. A December letter from his campaign manager, Alan Hacker, states that Badnarik has “retired from political candidacy” and is now working as an account representative for a political and novelty bumper sticker mail-order business.


Badnafik Murphy rated it it was amazing Apr 02, Badnarik receivedvotes nationwide gold the November 2, election, taking 0. Damiani Nicchia rated it it was amazing Sep 19, kijg A clear and concise explanation. In Aprilhe began hosting a talk radio program, Lighting the Fires of Libertyon the We the People radio network. If we wish to remain free, we must constantly question and challenge conventional views about the proper role of government in our society.

In the closest presidential nomination race in the Libertarian Party’s year history, all three candidates polled within 12 votes of each other on the first ballot RussoBadnarikNolan Badnarik’s political philosophy emphasizes individual liberty, personal responsibility, and strict adherence to an originalist interpretation of the U.

Identification is supplied by carrying a United States passport. Libertarian nominee for President of the United States