The Age of Fallibility has ratings and 18 reviews. Zach said: I had never heard of George Soros until I read an editorial he sent in to the Wall Stre. The Age of Fallibility. George Soros, June 26, Tyranny, violence, ignorance , and arrogance: The celebrated financier and bestselling author takes on the. George Soros: The Age of Fallibility – Consequences of the War on Terror. Public Affairs, New York, Soros considers himself a stateless statesman who is.

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The Age of Fallibility is very well written and presents very complicated theories in an easy to grasp from. I would even say that anyone who liked would find this a modern sequel that is entirely adequate to the task. He talks about philosophy, war, and global warming. The problems we face are truly daunting, and the combination of political instability, environmental crisis, and energy needs may lead to a perfect storm of global chaos.

Dec 06, David fallibilitg it did not like it. However it seems sound enough, particularly his linkage with and development of the notions of Karl Popper. Austin Marshburn rated it it was ok Sep 09, Soros started out as a philosopher, moved on to make his fortune, and since then has used that money to become an inspired and truly impressive philanthropist.

It was shocking to read how George Soros has no compunction about using his billions to create political global change. Most troubling to me, was that Soros himself writing back in didn’t seem convinced that ordinary people would flourish in his Open Society. Peter Hanula rated it really liked it Jan 06, He reflects on why the Democrats may have lost the high ground on these values issues and how they might reclaim it. Tim Flemming rated it it was ok Aug 14, Here is tue he says Hardcoverpages.


Other than maybe I thought Mr. Soros laso tell us about how he uses his money. Understanding reality means we create a model or picture in our mind which is correspond with falliility. Luis Federico rated it really liked it Apr 01, But reading Ahe I actually have more hope for humanity.

When he says that democracy will prevail, he really means that America will prevail. He thinks that America has difficulties dealing with death and his own shorter time horizon, since he is now seventy-five, is a recurrent theme in the book.

This book is so impressive that I have to start my review by stating that I do not currently have the skills I would need to do this book justice. On Open society, he said, an open society is an unperfect society thd keep itself open to improvement. The Age of Fallibility: I respect him for having passion for his causes and putting his money where his mouth is.

Sadly being highly successful financially does not mean such a person can write a good book!

The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror

In Soros spent millions to make sure George Bush was not re-elected. I did not actually finish this book. George Soros is a Hungarian-American financier, businessman and notable philanthropist focused on supporting liberal ideals and causes. My point is that Hitler had his Fallibbility and was willing to destroy the world order to achieve it. He’s a leftist version of Donald Trump in many ways on how he views the power his money has given fallinility.

The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror by George Soros

Sep 06, Lama rated it it was ok. Soros writes with the mentality of someone that really wants to get his point across: And yet his differences with George Bush, another proponent of freedom, are profound.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I re-read this book because Mr. Soros concept on these subject influence stronly by his professor Karl Popper. I based part of my dissertation on this thing. Oct 11, Zach Freeman rated it it was amazing Soroa it for: Soros was a very successful person in the field of finance with serious aspirations of creating a legacy for himself as a modern-day philosopher. Books by George Soros.

Trivia About The Age of Fallib The abstract concepts at the start of the book are interesting and, I think, are valid.

The book got over my head a bit towards the end. Aug 07, Oasix21 rated it really liked it. There should be l It was shocking to read how George Soros has no compunction about using his billions to create political global change. The book only served to confirm my worst fears about the rapid pace of change in the world.

Return to Book Page. It is all well and good Mr. In this powerful essay Soros spells out his views and how they differ from the president’s. What a change after hearing Bush “speak” and watching his disastrous policies make everything they touch worse.

Be the first to ask a question about The Age of Fallibility. Also, I do like the manner in slros George Soros links his thought to his personal work. The contradiction became evident in the recent elections in Egypt, and even more in Palestine. If you liked Orwell’s you will almost assuredly like this book. Basically, reality isn’t a fixed thing that we work around, it is constantly changing because of our actions and our thoughts.