Geomatrix technology (Jago Pharma, Muttenz, Switzerland) can control release of one or more drugs from a tablet containing different drugs in different layers. Download/Embed scientific diagram | Geomatrix Technology: two-and three-layer systems. from publication: Development of Controlled Release Three-layered. Geomatrix is the smartest solution to grow your retail sales, available in 67 countries. We integrate best official data and technologies in a single platform.

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The fact that technopogy delivery systems with altered geometric configurations particularly tablets have shown promising results in drug delivery technology and ease of manufacturing is an added advantage to the pharmaceutical industry.

The role of gamma scintigraphy in oral drug delivery. Press coating is a good technique for producing this type of time-dependent release. The ease of manufacture of these systems adds further benefit in terms of cost. Procedures to fabricate reproducible delivery systems and control release kinetics. We help clients integrate technologies – including middleware technology, integration teechnology, and legacy interfaces – to solve complex business problems.

This can be described as pulsatile release rather than continuous release.

The matrix erodes in a controlled fashion in order to maintain blood levels. It has been successfully applied to drugs for a wide spectrum of clinical conditions.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. According to the study, the release rate from the lateral surface was influenced by polymer viscosity and concentration.


The technology essentially leads a pursatile technlogy release where the drug is released in pulses that are separated by defined time intervals. The geometric factors that influence the drug delivery of donut-shaped tablets are shown in Table 2. The swollen barrier layers undergo erosion as time goes on, thus increasing the surface area which ultimately allows more drug to be released. The study focused on a core tablet that contained venlafaxine HCl and Methocel KM as the drug carrier.

Sustained delivery by leucine-modified chitosan spray-dried respirable powders.

This article is an open-access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution license http: Preparation of monolithic osmotic pump system by coating the indented core tablet.

It was also found that the drug release characteristics depended on the stirring rate and hole size [ 45 ]. Comparative evaluation of various structures in polymer controlled drug delivery systems and the effect of their morphology and characteristics on drug release.

Oral Drug Delivery Systems Comprising Altered Geometric Configurations for Controlled Drug Delivery

The concave and convex bases themselves exhibited different release patterns, with the convex base releasing drug faster [ 47 ]. In vitro studies technolpgy a sustained delivery of the two drugs over 6—8 hours, while the tablet was retained, showing the potential to achieve localized treatment, thereby improving therapeutic efficacy.

Figure 9 shows the typical geometries of core-in-cup tablets. Coupling of tschnology and relaxation. Support Center Support Center. The technology includes triple-layered and bilayered tablets.


This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Modulation of drug release kinetics from hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose matrix tablets using polyvinyl pyrrolidone.

In this case, there is an initial immediate rapid release of drug, which is followed by a sustained constant drug release. This system was designed to deliver a prompt therapeutic effect while maintaining the effect for 24 hours [ 87 ]. Advantages of multi-layered tablets over conventional tablets Adapted from Namdeo [ 64 ]. An indented core tablet strategy for preparing monolithic osmotic pumps was developed by Longxiao and co-workers.

GSSI delivers Total Business Solution by working on providing smarter business solutions enabled with state-of-the-art technology services.

Shape of core layer. Novel Drug Delivery System.


Disc-shaped core compression coated on one surface and circumference to form a cup around it. One of the principles of multilayered tablets involves creating a constant surface area for release.

Design and evaluation of layered diffusional matrices for zero-order sustained-release. This research further confirms the useful flexibility of triple-layered tablets although the application is often limited to the release of one drug.

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