Geographia Polonica () vol. 91, iss. 2, pp. | Full text. Geographia Polonica () vol. Special issue for the 21st International. Geographia Polonica is a scientific geographic journal that has been published.

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Their asynchrony is quickly increasing the asymmetry of cross-border interactions. Polish Perspectives 5 70Global Change: The chart shows the evolution of the average number of times documents published in a journal in the past two, three egographia four years have been cited in the current year.

Geographia Polonica has been published since ; in the years — as a serial publication. At the same time we have observed a transformation from a planning economy to the free market economy which has had an important implications for tourism development and its spatial structure in the CEE. Polpnica EU enlargement to the east and the inclusion of most CEE countries in the Schengen zone accelerated the processes of re- and de-bordering and the diversification of the functions and regime polinica borders.

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The commonly accepted regionalisation of Poland developed by J. This paper is based on a longitudinal study of the development of air traffic from airports in gepgraphia eastern part of the Baltic Sea Region, The compilation of a general hydrogeographical map with Lublin voivodship as an example.

Geographia Polonica vol.

It was hypothesised that short-term LULC changes during transition from a centrally planned to a free-market economy are sufficient to modify selected elements of the environment and that these changes can be identified in a measurable way. The agricultural abandonment and reforestation taking place over the last few decades in the Carpathians has led to accelerated transformation of pasture landscape.


Geographia Polonica

Problemes de formation et d’amenagement du reseau urbain: Between and we published about papers on human and physical geography and took contributions from such authors as Prof. Geo-political changebordersmobilityaviationthe Baltic Sea Region.

InGeographia Polonica started on a road that saw it transform from a series of topical volumes, typically one per year, into a semi-annual periodical and, inpplonica a quarterly.

The programme of identification, cataloguing and evaluation of Polish landscapes, part of the implementation of the European Landscape Convention, has caused an increase in interest in physico-geographical regionalisation over recent years.

The article puts forward arguments in favour of geographiq equalization and advocates against polarisation strategy, including special measures to oolonica growth of urban agglomerations.

In the three parts present here, the first represents a short theoretical discussion concerning national systems, while the second offers an empirical analysis of border changes and policies in the area stretching from Kaliningrad to the Bosphorus and Trieste. The purpose of the paper is to discuss how the development of infrastructure and transport networks influence regionalisation processes in the Baltic Sea Region.

Digital Repository of Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization PAS – Geographia Polonica

Geomorphological problems of Carpathians II 9 Trends in the development of the power industry in Poland compared with tendencies prevailing in Europe. In Central and Eastern Europe CEEespecially, the political and socio-economic changes that crystallized in s have deeply transformed the nature, functioning and development of tourism places and spaces.

Peculiarities of the conditions of loess accumulation in Central Europe in the light of results of heavy mineral analyses. The quality of life and the residential environment in an urban space are considerably influenced by GreenInfrastructure. The purpose of the following paper is to debate the cross-border shopping tourism activities taking place at the external borders of the European Union in Poland and Romania.


Perspectives on spatial analysis 24 Special issue, the 23rd International Geographical Congress, Moscow, 32 The theoretical research results show similarities in the evolutions of cross-border shopping tourism activities from both countries.

Geographia Polonica

Population growth in East-Central Europe in the years — Polish Perspectives 3 66 Study on effectiveness of migrations. Probemes d’environnement et leurs aspects sociaux: The powerful waves of migration to the European Union over recent years have again greatly modified the situation in border areas and provoked the construction of new walls. It was determined that stronger correlations occur in the case of water stages in lakes with seasonal than those with monthly NAO indices.

The research scope covers an area of nine countries,including the Baltic coast of Germany, Poland, and north-western Russia.

Publication Description Information Structure Similar editions. Structures of Biogeographical complexes, with Palearctic Papilionoidea as an example. Research results reveal an inverse correlation between the volume of GRP per capita generated and the rate of its increase, as well as between GRP per capita and population change. The latter is especially evident in countries with a relatively small population size.