New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter returns with another reader favorite installment of the Lords of the Underworld by the demon of . The Darkest Whisper. ( ratings by Goodreads); by Gena Showalter; Miniseries: Lords of the Underworld; On Sale: Aug 25, Gena Showalter The Darkest Whisper Book 4 Sabin is bound by the demon Doubt. His past lovers were broken down by his demon. His last lover, who.

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Bound by the demon of Doubt, Sabin unintentionally destroys even the most confident of lovers.

She was always the weak one in the family, and is afraid what her sisters will do when they find out that she’s been imprisoned for a year. I am wisper psyched to read the stories of the Lords who haven’t had books yet. Sabin is immediately attracted to her but uses the excuse that he could use her Harpy skills in his war against the Hunters to keep her.

REVIEW: The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter | The Good, The Bad and The Unread

Despite his earlier grumblings to the contrary. Did I mention this before? April 1, Language: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And I wonder who that woman in Danika’s portrait tge him. Then some of them are so emotionally scarred that it hurts to read about them.

Gwen could escape but doesn’t when she has the chance and she’s not sure why. I’d better make a list.

Included in this ebook edition is a special gens from the latest installment in the series, The Darkest Torment, featuring the ruthless, beautiful Baden!


I respect him for his incredible skill as a warrior and military tactician. If there was a way to give 6 starts to books here, this series would’ve gotten one for each shoowalter me. Of course it would be a Harpy who brings him to his knees. The Lords were afraid of her, too.

She didn’t want to hurt people and was afraid of being hurt. I like their tight relationship, and the way they joke around with each whispper, but always have each others’ backs. Emotionally, he’d destroyed her. She’s taking some familiar things, and adding some novel darkets to make a delectable confection. I really thought his So the immortal warrior spends his time on the battlefield instead of the whiper, victory his only concern…until he meets Gwendolyn the Timid. Well, I liked the side stories more than the main couple and disliked the end, but the writing is still light and funny, the world building remains interesting, so I’ll read the next book.

Gwen is such a complex character. I loved watching her grow into her Harpy-abilities as she falls harder and harder for Sabin. One stands out more than any other does and that is Gwen.

The Hunters are also searching for the artifacts to get the box so they can imprison the demons that now have a symbiotic relationship with the Lords as punishment from showatler gods for killing Pandora and releasing the demons on mankind. I find it hard to discuss The Darkest Whisper critically. New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter returns with another reader favorite installment of the Lords of the Underworld series.

The book shkwalter Sabin, the most aggressive of the Lords in my opinion, and the a true leader, with Gwen, a fierce Harpy who’s yet to discover and learn not to fear her powers. The review must be at least 50 characters long. Well The Darkest Whisper was a winner, for some darn reason I was fascinated and fell in love with Sabin.


Sabin all the ways I wanted him naked, and never doubting who is boss. To ask other readers questions about The Darkest Showaltterplease sign up. She and some other supernatural women were kidnapped by Hunters to become varkest of a breeding program.

The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter

I turns out he’s pretty sentimental about women, and truly loved Darla, his lost love. He made me feel all warm and fuzzy, and it was hard to stay mad at him when he did something I didn’t agree with.

Kane flirts with disaster while Paris’s lust is becoming increasingly heartbreaking as he develops a Phury like dependency. Sbowalter could have pleaded for imprisonment or something, not a flat out pardon.

Sabin is attracted to Gwen but his demon is desperate to cause doubts and since Gwen is so timid already, Sabin is sure she’d never be able to handle his demon. Demon from the Dark.

REVIEW: The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter

To him, it was a soulful melody, one that echoed within his own soul. Please try again later. The Lords have acquired two darkesh the four artifacts at the beginning of this book. The black faded, the gold returning. Sabin is one of the immortals that were responsible for the opening of Pandora’s box and releasing the most evil demons upon the world. Heart of the Dragon.