Carburizing is a case-hardening process in which carbon is dissolved in the surface layers of a low-carbon steel part at a temperature sufficient to render the. Gas carburizing is a surface-hardening process that is carried out at a high temperature, usually above °C. Carburizing is essentially the addition of carbon. Specialty Steel Treating is a leading provider of gas carburizing services and has been providing services for over 60 years.

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Carburising Gas Reactions

carburisjng Heat treatment diagrams are available for a huge number of materials in the Total Materia database. Start a conversation with us Contact Us. Methods of correcting the activity coefficient of carbon for alloy content are available. The case produced by carbon diffusion is similar to that produced by gas carburizing.

The provided service is highly appreciated by our clients owing to its promptness and timely execution.

A fixed value has to be introduced into the Carbon potential controller in the form of a Process Factor or CO factor see below. Additional carbon at this stage is not dissolved. Eurotherm provides heat treat control solutions for both types of furnaces, as well as other metal treating processes such as: A single component environment containing uncomplicated gaseous hydrocarbon like methane is used.

Eurotherm provides heat treat control solutions for both types of furnaces, as well as other metal treating processes such as:.

Hence the oxygen probe can be used to determine the carbon activity of the atmosphere, and the carbon potential can be shown to be a function of carbon activity actemperature and steel composition q. Our mission is simple; to make Total Materia the one-stop place and first choice of engineers world wide.

  ISO 1496-1 PDF

Gas Carburising Process

This special case-hardening process is done at precise temperatures overseen by our experienced technicians. The carrier gas is usually of the Endothermic gas type produced from a sub stoichiometric mixture of a hydrocarbon and air at elevated temperature in the presence of a catalyst.

Both of carburisihg mechanisms strengthen the surface of the metal, the former by forming pearlite or martensite, and the latter via the formation of carbides. Early carburization used a direct application of charcoal packed around the sample to be treated initially referred to as case hardeningbut modern techniques use carbon-bearing gases or plasmas such as carbon dioxide or methane.

Where can I find a coating that is chloride and carburissing corrosion-resistant?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We are pleased to work closely with clients serving carbruising of the hardest-working industries in the world. Identifying Limiting Conditions for Coatings Specification. Carburiisng resulting gradient in carbon content below the surface of the part causes a gradient in hardness, producing a strong, wear-resistant surface layer on a material, usually low-carbon steel, which is readily fabricated into parts.

Wikipedia articles with NDL identifiers. Introduction to Total Materia 4 th June Dependent upon the type of hydrocarbon used and the mixture ratio, the typical composition of thecarrier gas is: Pack carburizing containers are usually made of carbon steel coated with aluminum or heat-resisting nickel-chromium alloy and sealed at all openings with fire clay.

Release Total Materia has launched their new advanced search module which gives greater possibilities to intuitively find the materials you are looking for! Retrieved from ” https: In the most primitive form of this process, the carbon source is so rich that the solubility limit of carbon in austenite is reached at the surface of the steel and some carbides may form at the surface.


It carburizing often used to anneal metal, making it more malleable and flexible during the welding process. Without measuring and including the effects of free methane in the carbon calculation, the real potential of the atmosphere is not known. The complex mathematical calculations necessary to determine the Carbon potential of the atmosphere are built into most controllers.

Gas Carburizing

The offered service is executed as per the demands of our valuable clients. Gas carburizing is one of the most successful and popular carburizing technique used when large quantities of parts are required. Since the environment used for heating is oxygen free, the carburizing temperatures can be considerably increased without surface oxidation.

Combining the two laws leads to a partial differential equation that describes the diffusion process. Case-hardening creates a very hard exterior with a tough interior.

Our organization is backed by well-equipped infrastructure and technology to execute this service in an excellent manner. Annealing Low hydrogen Short circuit. Case hardening is achieved with the quenching of the high carbon surface layer that has a good fatigue and wear resistance.