Take a look at the eBook Bundle, and check out these testimonials. Meaning, at least in the world of music, comes about by looking inside ourselves to see what Written by Gary Ewer. So create a short melodic fragment (from 4 to 8 notes long) by improvising on Gary Ewer video – How the Rhythm of a Melody Changes as a Song Progresses .

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See Gary’s Songwriting Materials.

Start writing the BEST songs of your life! Get a free copy of “Use Your Words! Be the BEST you can be.

The Essential Secrets of Songwriting | Daily Articles by Gary Ewer | Page 4

I occasionally find time in my schedule garu offer video Skype songwriting sessions to interested songwriters. You should note that you are welcome to use any ideas I suggest, and you are of course welcome to reject any ideas.


The full authorship will be yours. See below to set up and pay for your session.

Skype Songwriting Sessions with Gary Ewer

The Essential Secrets of Songwriting. Daily Articles for Songwriters. Written by Gary Ewer. Check Out Gary’s Songwriting Materials. Description I occasionally find time in my schedule to offer video Skype songwriting sessions to interested songwriters. We would focus on one of your songs per session, and help you solve whatever problems you might be encountering. If you find the session helpful and want to schedule an additional session, I will give you tips and ideas to try, and then we can assess their effectiveness at our next session.

I am a composer of music, and my desire is to help with issues relating to the writing of music.

Songwritiing am not a producer, and so production-related issues beats, loops, recording techniques, mixing, etc. As you hopefully know from my blog, I treat everyone with respect.


Price The cost per songwriting session is: Write me at gary pantomimemusic. Do not email MP3s — links only. It would be helpful for you to email lyrics if applicable.

It would be helpful if you could make a suggestion regarding scheduling. Reply to that email to confirm that the date and time will work for you. The sessions are not considered scheduled until payment is made.