What Are the Magic Quadrant Inclusion Criteria? Intelligent BPM Suite ( BPMS). Collaborative workbench for business and IT across entire process life cycle. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant updates our evaluation of the top 25 vendors in .. Our BPMS Magic Quadrant builds on Gartner’s approach to evaluating. scenario that Gartner calls “intelligent business operations” (IBO; see “The Trend . Do not compare this with the BPMS Magic Quadrant.

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Now talking about IDS Scheer: Is it magic that ARIS is again evaluated as the leader product. In completing questionnaires … with many, many questions… and running several presentations and discussions with Gartner by us and also by our clients, we could prove that ARIS has deserved the top right corner, above the competition. No doubt about this. But please make up your own mind and find out gsrtner Take a look on our homepage www.

Gartner BPMS Magic Quadrant

You will find a link there, which gets you to the full report for. If you take into account continious merges mwgic acquisitions and will take a look to this picture, you can discover, that there is no Webmethods but exists Lombardi, which was acquired by IBM recently. So, it would be logical to place Lombardi to the same position as IBM occupies.

The same time you can’t find there Software AG on the Gartner picture. Please take it as thoughts, nothing more. The wild and murderous mergers on the market could and will reflect how ARIS will be placed in the future.

I have my worries about influence of Software AG unknown on Gartner scale to the leader on the Gartner scale. However, it doesn’t mean that Gartner report doesn’t have the value. Any point of view has it’s own value. It is indeed interesting why Lombardi and IBM are both included. But my guess is that the merger was too late to be considered in the quadrant.


MAGIC!? – Or: Why ARIS is – again – leader in Gartner´s BPA Magic Quadrant ….

Gartner starts many months in advance to prepare the quadrant. But maybe in the next quadrant we will see a change. But we will see how that works out. I like you expression ” was too late to be considered ” in relation of Gartner, which suppose to know the future.

If they didn’t know that everybody knew, what about the future they try to predict?

9 Vendors Lead Gartner Magic Quadrant for BPM Suites

You can’t mix one thing with another and keep it as it bpmm. By the way, have you did your analysis of what was predicted by Gartner 5 years ago and what had happened now? In general, it is always very hard to predict the future, no matter if you are gartnerr analyst or just an ordinary person. But what are your predictions for the future of BPM?

Do you think BPM will become something which is used by many more companies?

Or will BPM become obsolete by something completely different? It is just modern way to look to the old things. So, in the future will be modern way of looking to the future suadrant we will have processes and will manage them. There is another side of the moon, when BPM company mixes competitive profiles, such as being product vendor which needs partner chain and Will AutoCAD have success it has now?

Interesting point, but why is Microsoft and IBM providing consulting? They are successful being software vendors and consulting companies. My feeling is that your points are just the opinions of a channel agrtner, aren’t they? The logic behind my oppinion bartner the following and based upon invention of Adam Smith labour separation:. As for Microsoft – there are different products – boxes or consultacy-related products.


Compare number of dealers for boxed and consultancy-related products and you will answer for your question. The future of BPM relies on tools and knowledge how to use them. Sometimes it is more advantageous for us not propose ARIS to a client, because we know, that will be competition with IDS on the consulting field for mavic client.

I will forward this thread to partner management so that they get aware of this problem! Thanks for pointing out.

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Magic Quadrant for Business Process Management Suites

Containing none of the words. University relations public page.

Posted by Britta Hilt. You can see … Is it magic that ARIS is again evaluated as the leader product Not only with bright ideas best nagic But also being able to do it!

You will find a link there, which gets you to the full report for Business Process Analysis and Enterprise Architecture.

Comment by Sergei Real-Picture. I am confused with such approach of comparison. Even the wrong one. Comment by Sebastian Stein.

Did they predict that product 1 in BP modelling magiv be Hi Sergei, personally, I’m also not a big fan of those analyst companies, so I won’t argue against the points you mention. The logic behind my oppinion is the following and based upon invention of Adam Smith labour separation: Hi, I will forward this thread to partner management so that they get aware of this problem!