4 days ago Games™ is the magazine that every true gamer should be reading. Quality text, superior design and unbiased, honest opinion have aided this. games™ Issue OUYA, the $99 Android-based console that’s shaking up the games industry gets our front cover treatment this issue as we investigate the. UK magazines GamesMaster and GamesTM to close. Thread starter Didn’t love GamesTM, but I’d take it over Edge any day of the week. .. # · Ex- Actarus said: Do you think something can be done to save magazines?.

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OT but my very favorite mag ‘Acoustic’ guitar was finished earlier this year, and that was a truly fantastic publication.

UK magazines GamesMaster and GamesTM to close

Oct 30, Kentucky. Little Old Man Member. I remember some guy made an image somewhere where he mocked review scales And their editorial would cement it. I’m interested in that Dishonoured feature. The very best Xbox One headsets to give you superior audio and comfort, at cheaper prices.

Oct 25, 1, Apr 6, 11, 0 For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Not saying you can’t, but saying it should feature what you want is a bit childish, no? I remember they used to review Neo Geo games and I didn’t have a clue what that even was lol. At least they’ll go out doing what they do best judging by when the next issue is- giving obscenely overinflated scores to Rockstar games. I grew up on it and even got on the cheat page once!


Just as long as edge publishes forever and Barnes and noble carries it in the states. Leading indie game developers share their practical tips for taking those early creative steps. I dreamt of working there one day when Gamesttm was a youngster.

I’ll very much miss GamesTM, their retro section and special compilation books was always enjoyable and I gametm their general coverage was also probably the best of the Gametsm magazines – Edge always felt too dry and all the others too childish. The Crusty Juggler said: Yep, Ouya is now the biggest news in gaming Devastated to hear Future Publishing claimed another victim.

May 30, Walsall West Midlands. What do you do in that situation?

Yeah this, I remember reading it quite a bit when I was younger. I was just offering my opinion on their term “the biggest news in gaming”. Dec 28, 3, 0 0 Manchester, England. Oct 29, Ok damn, I love GamesTM. An actual quote from The Quiet Man’s new accolades trailer.


Shame they’re both going but kind of gaemstm they lasted so long in this day age of the internet. Aug 17, For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The biggest news in gaming should be the games. This will mean that I now do not get any physical magazines as all the ones I have subscribed to have closed.


GamesTM review scores – issue – Nintendo Everything

Feb 26, 1, London. Looking back, I think the only thing that has changed between print mags back then and digital content now are reviews I’m talking mainstream content and not Youtube personalities yelling for clicks. GamesMaster was one of the reasons I got into gaming. You must log in or register to reply here. If you’re worried about the ecological impact, most magazines also publish digitally these days.

Jul 26, 14, 0 1, Germany. I was planning to buy it soon. Those who make the jump will certainly be getting a much better written publication. Jun 14, These quotes from the cast offer a unique window into ‘s biggest movie. You kinda proved his point. Oct 25, I gakestm it’s awesome they’re doing this, even though I’ve yet to determine whether or not I actually want it.

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GamesTM Issue | NeoGAF

You must log in or register to reply here. Buying Guide Here are the best Xbox One headsets, at the cheapest prices, to help you get better gaming audio for less.

May 9, 34, 0 0. Review Designed specifically for gaming, the Razer phone 2 is big, bright, and a little impractical to actually use.

There used to be even a Dutch edition:

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