I was just wondering if you could share some of your patches you use with the community I will post here some preset for the Gu tomorrow. cheers and i hope what evers posted is helpful, and ill have my settings up in a few days. heres a wee template to make it easier for you so you. Hey everyone, so I’ve had a Zoom Gu for a number of years now, but others with a list that they could put their own preset settings into.

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High-brightness LED indicators make the note readout easy to see also on a dark stage. Together they offer 54 types of effects. Customer Service customerservice americanmusical. This lets you quickly match the unit’s performance to the guitar or amp type, room acoustics, or other factors. E-mail on record with PayPal [ ]. Take it on the road or into the studio, the G Series will not let you down. As you start using the G Series, you will be amazed by the realistic balance between fundamental notes and harmonics g21uu is essential to a great analog tone.

It is a keeper. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. It seems that G21i serious about upping the ante.

Its also an amazing unit to have while travelling. Not much a user community seems to exist for sharing settings, or at least I have not found one yet. Both are also rugged enough for stage work, although you might find your feet at strange angles as both footswitches need to be pressed simultaneously to bypass the unit – you could, alternatively, connect an external footswitch to the g1u panel control socket.

Dude, chill out I’m not a parent As I’ve said in other posts – it’s a pedal I am considering because I really like the tones you can get from it. Very preseh and naturaly sounding. Also bear in mind that, for amp modelling, the G2 is OK for cleans and good amounts of distortion. It’s pretty good at filling those gaps that I wouldn’t spend money on the real thing for. While it’s not as flexible or feature rich as the Zoom, hopefully it will be a little more reliable.


Zoom Gu patches – Guitar Q & A – : Guitar Discussion Forum and Lessons

Dave B likes this. Delay time and modulation rate settings can be made directly via the intuitive TAP key input. Regarding Google g2u, that’s what led me to this group since reviewing 15 pages of Google results yielded zilch in terms of patch sharing. Quiet and very well designed. This lets you quickly match the unit’s performance v21u the guitar or amp type, room acoustics, or other factors. Modeling processors are designed for recording in line.

Terms and conditions apply. EFX for example, lets you choose one of nine effects that are usually placed before an amp, including three different wahs and tremolo.

I also have the George Lynch model of the G2. Image 4 of 5 The G2 can be used with an amp, or as a complete source of sounds. Pfeset that rule me out of this game?

These sound like real drums, not your casio keyboard drums! Either what every you set up works or it doesn’t. A mainstay of fusion guitarists, from Santana to Larry Carlton. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

This is definitely a problem in a live situation.

Zoom Gu FX Patch Thread – Ultimate Guitar

Pages with related products. Helpful Info about the Prewet Phone: Expression pedal adds further versatility to your guitar play Settinga built-in expression pedal is a great way to control effect parameters in real time.


Some of these are classic rock sounds Hendrix, Clapton, Page and so onsome a bit off-the-wall but still well-known Joe Walsh’s Rocky Mountain Way talkbox sound recreated in all its churning glorysome more obscure Marc Bolan through an HH amp anyone? I got myself a Vox Amplug AC a while back. Was tweeking it the first day with minamal use of the manual. I’ll report back to the group about the Yahoo site.

ZOOM G2.1u Operation Manual

Posted 02 April – I really like the sound of the delays and reverbs. Unlike the Zoom, you can actually use it to drive a power amp since the models are voiced for that purpose.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. The uncolored clean sound shows what’s possible with solid state designs, with the spacious built-in chorus being another highlight.

I picked up a Digitech RP55 yesterday to replace it. By employing high-accuracy sampling at 96 kHz, G Series pedals faithfully model these sonic properties, right up to the highest harmonic register. Select from three types of modulation waveforms for the tremolo. Because playback from the DAW application can be monitored at the G2. Cubase LE software is also included. The Zoom is voiced more for the front input of a guitar amp or direct to PA using the cab sims.

Posted 30 November – How do you record your play? If you want something affordable in a compact package that sounds great and lets you experiment with different sounds now, then this is the way to go. Cmon, you have to but a y-cord to plug into a power amp?