W. Frąckowiak, M. Lewandowski, Wzrost zewnętrzny przedsiębiorstwa. Teoria i praktyka [in:] W. Frąckowiak (ed.), Fuzje i przejęcia, PWE, Warszawa , pp. Frąckowiak W., „Fuzje i przejęcia przedsiębiorstw”, PWE , pp. 4. Jajuga K., Jajuga T. „Inwestycje”, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa , pp. Chakrabarti, Hauschildt, Sueverkruep, Does it pay to acquire technological firm [in]R&D Management, nr Frąckowiak W. (edited) Fuzje i przejęcia.

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A modeling approach using spreadsheets.

Fuzje i przejęcia – Google Books

Mutual fund performance evaluation: Price performance of przrjcia stock new issues. DzUnr 86, poz. Takeover activity, CEO turnover, and the market for corporate control. Evidence from three decades. The short-run market abnormal return is positive for acquired firms and negative for the acquiring ones.

WE nr L z dnia Does corporate performance improve after mergers? Capital market response to environmental performance in developing countries.


Common risk factors in the returns on stock and bonds. An analysis of monthly returns. Shareholder wealth effects of corporate takeovers: An analysis of quarterly portfolio holdings. Mergers and managerial performance. The evidence leads to the conclusion that a positive reaction of investors to fzuje announcement on the Polish market is similar to the reaction of investors on developed markets, and results in a positive abnormal return for shareholders of acquired firms.

Results from the United Kingdom and the United States.

The post-merger performance puzzle,www. The profitability of corporate mergers.

The measurement of corporate performance on cashflow basis: DzU nr 94, poz. Naukowe PWN, Warszawa DzU nrpoz. In the first one, the background of mergers and acquisitions is presented: A theory of special cases?

Leveraged Buyouts in Poland *

Tender offers and stockholder returns. Generally, the cash flow return is positive for combined firms and higher in comparison to the pre-merger period but the net profit return is negative. The World Bank, April The cross-section of expected stock returns. Stock market driven acquisitions.


A reapply to Mr. DzUnrpoz.

Impact of mergers and acquisitions of banks in Greece: The postmerger share-price performance of acquiring firms. The effects of management buyouts on operating performance and value. Knight, raiders and targets: Measuring the efficiency of decision making units. The fourth merger wave and beyond.

DzUnr 72, poz. Do shareholders of acquiring firms gain from acquisitions?

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