Results 1 – 12 of 61 Meditation: Letters on the Guidance of the Inner Life Oct 15, by Friedrich Rittelmeyer and M. L. Mitchell. The Holy Year: Meditative Contemplations of Seasons and Festivals. Friedrich Rittelmeyer; Translated by Margaret Mitchell and Alan Stott; Edited by Neil. By Friedrich Rittelmeyer. A Southern Cross Review E-book. http:// 56 pages. Born of October 5, , in Germany, Dr. Friedrich.

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Rudolf Steiner Enters My Life – Friedrich Rittelmeyer

There was little doubt in my mind that Steiner could never be a Steinerian, but even that minor doubt was dispelled when I read the following passage. Erlebtes und Erstrebtes by Friedrich Rittelmeyer Book 10 editions published between and in German and held by 49 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. These exercises gave rise to a first real friedrih in life, and a comforting sense of health in an organism that from youth onwards had been far too sensitive.

Some time after reading a lot rittrlmeyer Carl Jung’s work and attending a lot of meetings with people who claimed to be Jungians, I came across a statement by Jung that he could never be a Jungian. Some 6, of his lectures remain today to greet new generations of friedrkch for truths which encompasses both the material and the spiritual world. When I completed my intense study of An Outline of Occult Science, I was in awe of the robustness of the image Steiner had laid out for the evolution of humankind and the cosmos.

My own desire was to hold to what I knew of Christ in my inner being and to regard everything else as secondary. The exercises never did any harm, but, on the contrary, once more helped to bring about a cure. But all such phenomena only lead into the dim, unconscious regions of the life of soul, and rittekmeyer any case the right methods of investigations are not there.

After a funeral at which Eittelmeyer did the services, he noticed Rudolf Steiner in attendance and walked with him back to his carriage. Most widely held works by Friedrich Rittelmeyer. Every week I had conversations with friedich from University circles who were regarded as leaders of thought. And, most importantly, my own Christian beliefs were amplified and made real in the process of studying Steiner’s works.


Rittelmeyer, Friedrich [WorldCat Identities]

What kind of faces would they have pulled if they had suddenly seen what was happening? Most people are unaware that the living spirit of the recently dead may visit their own funerals.

But they did not see that in the very heart of European civilization there was something far greater, something that would have given them the most living understanding of the Mystics of the past and the Yogis in far-off India.

Then I did not see him any more. With the Synoptic Gospels Frledrich must first adjust myself. The only public notice made of Steiner’s revelation of The Fifth Gospel was “a frightful caricature of him [appeared] riftelmeyer the illustrated papers with the inscription ‘The Fifth Evangelist!

Friedrich Rittelmeyer

That was not so very easy. Meine lebensbegegnung mit Rudolf Steiner by Friedrich Rittelmeyer Book 55 editions published between and in 6 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide 1e Aufl. I did not let a single opportunity for judging Rudolf Steiner as a man slip by. At most they expected Rudolf Steiner to come forward on his own account and ask for investigation and recognition. These represented the two streams of people in the remote past who came together to give birth to Christianity.

Apparently there was a similar interest in things Eastern during the s as well.

That led him to a question that any serious student of Steiner’s work and life would have liked to ask him:. One place this shows up is ruttelmeyer the well-known statistic that psychiatrists in our time have a very high suicide rate.

Scientists were going to faraway places and looking into telescopes and microscopes to find the truth about the world, all the while they were ignoring the revelations provided close at hand in Middle Europe by Rudolf Steiner.

Christus by Friedrich Rittelmeyer Book 7 editions published between and in German and Undetermined and held by 42 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. I assiduously avoid speaking inwardly or openly about grieving for someone being lost forever from me something which greatly pains the living spirit when someone does thatrather I speak of their life and the love I felt for them.


The most common example of the process is called “love at first sight. He chanced to ask Steiner a couple of pertinent questions about funerals:.

Friedrich Nietzsche und die Religion: I felt I knew by that time what he meant. Lacking personal contact with the man, I pored through his works. Remember the surge of interest in the mystics and yogis of India during the s? The truth is exactly the reverse.

Steiner had given most of his great lectures, I was performing the burial service according to the ritual of the Christian Community, a drop of the sprinkled water fell in the center of the forehead and shone there through the whole service like a sparkling diamond. Perhaps they should read how Steiner himself described the difference between his spiritual science and the church formed by students of that science:.

But my Christianity could live and breathe in this conception of the world, even if I still accepted it as a mere hypothesis.

Rittelmeyer, Friedrich 1872-1938

There he rittelmeyed Julie Kerler on 5 April And now suppose the man in the other world is allowed a second request-what will he wish? Remembering the future is a process which everyone has access to, but few realize it.

In the Christ figure, we find an Aryan head and Semitic features around the mouth. From Rittelmeyer studied philosophy and Protestant theology in Erlangen and Berlin evangelische. The Nuremberg school teacher Michael Bauer in enabled Rittelmeyer to have his first encounter with Rudolf Steinerthe founder of anthroposophy.

Were they spoken so? A good foundation for judging the worth of a man was therefore present. The truth of reincarnation is a word of Christ to our time.

Rittelmeyer knew what it meant to be a Christian and he gives us three wishes that an authentic Christian would make upon passing into the spiritual world:.

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